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Teenage Trouble and will I ever grow up?

I was carrying the recycling bins up to the curb when I noticed my usually reticent, solemn neighbor shoveling the grass and dirt he’d edged from his lawn into a wheelbarrow. 1,082 more words




I belong to an email group that sends out notices for pets lost in my area. Included in the email is the option to share the notice on my  Facebook page, which I do. 772 more words


A Chat with a Cat Behaviorist


We have been talking to Certified Feline Behavior and Training Professional Dr. Marci L. Koski!

She helps people with their cats or rather, helps cats with their people. 770 more words

How to be Happy

“Hold on loosely, but don’t let go,

If you cling too tightly, you’re gonna lose control”

–38 Special

The lyrics to this 1981 song  came to mind recently as we made a family decision to train our indoor-only cat Peppermint to be an indoor/outdoor cat. 1,019 more words

The Cat's Meow : My Thoughts on Declawing

Before we moved into Lagoon, there was a lot of paperwork to fill out.  Most apartments in Burlington are privately owned by individual landlords rather than groups or companies, and they are generally incredibly lax about renting standards when it comes to filling out paperwork and all of those formalities.  951 more words

Living Simply

Amelia’s Story Part 2- The Right Thing is Often the Hardest Thing

We lived in a feline war zone. Pheromone plug ins graced every outlet on both floors, other “behavior modification” products were purchased, air cans to keep Amelia away from strategic areas, barricades set up, new toys to distract her and a multitude of other items. 1,253 more words