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Episode 246 : My Cat from Hell : Interview with Tom, Pola & Percy

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Allison and Bryan get to interview a family that was on a recent episode of Animal Planet’s “My Cat From Hell”! Tom and Pola tell us all about working with Jackson Galaxy and being on the show has affected their kitty Percy! 43 more words

I'm Not Here To Make Friends


A year ago today I met Lux. Though I knew it was an important meeting, I had no idea at the time how defining that moment would be for me. 126 more words


New Night Routine for my Cat & Me

After watching the show from Animal Planet, My Cat From Hell, I have finally decided to follow some of Jackson Galaxy’s tips. I’ve watched this show several times for years I think. 545 more words


Everything I went through with Lux was worth it. Every moment of fear or uncertainty; every bit of physical pain. Even the anxiety attack that led me to the edge of my own hell was a lesson. 265 more words


30: LUX – BACK HOME BUT NOT FOR LONG, October 2014

 After a substantial period of balancing Lux’s medications and working closely with him to make sure he was socially well-adjusted, his medical team proclaimed him ready to discharge into a home. 677 more words


29: LUX – CALL IN THE FALL, September 2014


Time passed. Summer moved into autumn. Sunflowers grew from sprouts to stalks, from flowers to heads filled with birdseed. Blue skies threatened gray by the time we got another call. 116 more words


28: LUX – TRAVELING CAT, Summer, 2014

Lux’s room was ready and we said our farewells. No more visits at the boarding facility, those sweet sad moments together where, cat-like, he mostly ignored me, preferring to sniff corners, jump on chairs, and try to chew the plastic waste basket bag. 107 more words