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Would You Eat This

An Abstract Impressionism inspired, Jackson Pollack cake. I can’t even… what’s wrong with birthday cakes with sprinkles?! when I’m craving cakeI’m going to overdose on sugar from a white cake or chocolate cake with plain sugar icing, ok maybe a cream cheese based icing too I’m a sucker for those, and maybe some extra dusting of chocolate. 142 more words


The Creation of Glitter Glutch

The Creation of Glitter Glutch

A Case of the Blues

Makings of Glitter Glutch

Will you be Swallowed Up? Or will the Glutch Swallow You? 109 more words

The Earth is Alive (a pre-surgery rant)

To remain astonished about LIFE, allow what appears ridiculous to make sense

what appears IMPOSSIBLE to have potential REALITY

Look at something as though you’ve never seen it before… 203 more words


I had a job interview a couple of weeks ago and something about it is still bugging me. The person who I interviewed with said he was impressed with my credentials, liked work I had done in the past and thought I was very smart. 238 more words

A New Adventure Begins

The Trailer

Trailers actually TRAILED the movies do you believe it, you could experience them AFTER you see the movie!!! Featuring famed Cindy Sherman, Jackson Pollack, John Singer Sargent and his scandalous Madame X!! 658 more words


de Kooning & Friends: A Tribute to the Past

(This article first appeared in the May 3, 2017 issue of The Independent Newspaper)

Mary Montes, a rural New Jersey native, grew up enamored with the New York art scene with countless memories visiting with her uncle. 346 more words


Are you the Inspired or the Inspiration?

-by Andy Dudas-

Insight into someone’s creative process is a rabbit hole waiting to happen. From what well does an artist draw to create? From what memory do they recall to build their craft? 554 more words