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Jackson Pollack, the Hampton's, and CIA's attack on the world of art and letters

I am just passing time here, trying to offer up new material for daily readers. The Columbine piece has absorbed me. The details are engrossing – they meant for that piece of professional mind-f***** to be deeply embedded in every kid’s head in the country. 522 more words

Public Hoaxes

I Don’t Know Much About Art (And For Now It Will Stay That Way), But I Know What I Like (Or At Least I Thought I Did)

As a college coed I wandered into the art department while the art students readied for an exhibit. Their canvases scattered about the floor in a haphazard manner while the artists determined the best arrangement for the walls. 741 more words


mlmm photo challenge 165: assigning blame

“Mom, honest, Jackson Pollack made me do it!” (6)

image: kyla @ deviantart

Caption capture for mlmm photo challenge #165

Mindlovemisery's Menagerie

Jackson Pollack -- AR style

So I went to Arkansas recently to my boyfriend’s grampa’s house to help him go through some things, watch him work on cars, and get of Dallas for a weekend. 501 more words


Autumn Rhythm (No. 30) by Jackson Pollack

Artist: Jackson Pollack (1912–1956)

Title: Autumn Rhythm (No. 30)

Year painted: 1950

Location: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Manhattan

1000 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10028… 30 more words


From "Journal d'un critique d'art désabusé" (2009 - 2011) by Michel Ragon, published by Éditions Albin Michel, Paris, 2013 (version originale followed by translation)

View of the room dedicated to the tastes of Michel Ragon as part of the “Passeurs” raccrochage  of the Centre Pompidou’s permanent collection in 2015. In the front plan: “Nuit ouvrante, 1945-55,” sculpture, Etienne-Martin. 497 more words