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The Eye of the Beholder

As I wrote yesterday, art is a very personal experience. That’s true not only for artists creating works, but also for those who view them. We each have our likes and dislikes and as I’ve often heard said, there’s no accounting for taste. 384 more words

Elements Of Art

Creations of Chaos: Spirited Away

A magical world, quirky creatures, a nasty villain, danger, and a spunky child heroine, everything that would have made my childhood self radiate with joy.   889 more words


Cousin Tom, Pine Needles and apologies to Jackson Pollack ...

There was a lot to relate last week to Ellen and Reid; the week was fuller than most. It was hard to confine things to the normal single page and for a few – few – brief moments it occurred to me to stretch the narrative out to a second page. 777 more words

Writing To Adult Children

Socks Make Me Happy: This Is Not About Socks

Passion is defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excite… just kidding, fuck that. I know the dictionary is a very unambiguous and specific resource and for that, dictionary, I thank you. 619 more words

Happy Birthday Jackson Pollack

Yesterday, January 28th, was the birthday of  abstract expressionist painter Jackson Pollack (1912-1956).

You can celebrate, too. Go to Be Jackson Pollack (be sure to move and click… 97 more words