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Jacky has not been outdoors for a month. Either the weather’s been lousy, it’s been too cold or we have been busy.Today was the perfect time to go explore the outside world again. 84 more words


Jacky . . .

Yesterday I helped “dad”. I kept track on the peelings, of the about 100 peel and seal envelopes. He threw the peels onto the bed. It was pretty fun to catch them. 18 more words


New Lookout Spot

Jacky loves his window sill in the utility room. (Blog post Oct. 2) He spends a lot of time up there. The window is too high up for me to see what he sees. 91 more words



Jacky checking that all settings are correct. Yes, he gave me the thumbs up :)


Jacky, two video clips

When I posted the pictures of Jacky on October 6 up on the laundry drying rack we thought he was done with the rack. But how wrong were we ? 144 more words


It's snowing

We woke at 6:30. My husband said look it’s snowing. I looked out the window. The ground barely white. When my husband was back from the dentist and we had done the grocery shopping I put the harness on Jacky. 64 more words