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COSATU march might impact Joburg residents.

Refuse collection might be negatively impacted by the national protected march called by COSATU, Pikitup said on Thursday.

According to Pikitup spokesman Jacky Mashapu household refuse collection and recyclables might be affected. 190 more words

Tightrope Walker !

Tuesday morning I was in the kitchen and happened to see when Jacky jumped from the washing machine on to the shower room door. I shouted to my husband, oh no, hurry ! 109 more words


New Window Sill

Jacky got a window sill yesterday. He was following step by step the whole process when my husband put it up. Last screw and it will be OK. 76 more words


Canelo & Jacky

The circle cat toy with a ball in it is a favorite toy. Jacky plays with it every day. He is able to make the ball spin around super fast. 61 more words


Jacky Growing

He is growing so fast. Every morning we can see how much bigger he looks or actually is than the night before. My husband says he thinks he will soon be the size of a Lynx :) I say, maybe not as a Lynx but as Canelo :D


Jacky & Formula 1

Yesterday Qualifying.

Today Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix

No wonder I’m exhausted !


Cat Swing

The shopping bag as a cat swing between two chairs :)