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Photographing test

Although I have three digital cameras and in practice always have one or more with me wherever I go, it happens that sometimes I was using my phone camera. 102 more words


Jacky & Formula 1

Season start for F1 this morning. Last fall Jacky and I were watching every race together. I wondered would he still be interested in watching. Yup, he was just as much as before. 14 more words


Spring :)

Wednesday 15th was the first real spring day. Plus 9 degrees Celsius. Yay :D Roads and sidewalks are bare from snow. Still snow in our backyard. 23 more words


Painting, Jacky

My husband’s painting of Jacky in oil :D Both paint and brushes were old, dry and no good :( But still, pretty nice, eh ? ;)


Jacky JK

Jacky Clotilde appeared in a room. The only light was from a cloudy day outside, through a single drape-shrouded window. The bed was hastily made. The floor was mostly clear of dirty clothes. 1,164 more words

WEEK 4 + 5: I actually went out???

I’m so sorry for missing week 4! I didn’t do much anyways¬†lol

So this past weekend was really fun! I actually went out instead of staying in all day, which I have been doing so much lately. 220 more words


Express to Impress...NOT.

Perhaps I am not a persuasive speaker. Or I am not one yet.

I have delivered a persuasive speech but I did not manage to persuade the project evaluator Jacky and general evaluator Pradeep that I made it. 1,246 more words

Public Speaking