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Canelo & Jacky

The circle cat toy with a ball in it is a favorite toy. Jacky plays with it every day. He is able to make the ball spin around super fast. 61 more words


Jacky Growing

He is growing so fast. Every morning we can see how much bigger he looks or actually is than the night before. My husband says he thinks he will soon be the size of a Lynx :) I say, maybe not as a Lynx but as Canelo :D


Jacky & Formula 1

Yesterday Qualifying.

Today Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix

No wonder I’m exhausted !


Cat Swing

The shopping bag as a cat swing between two chairs :)


Jacky & The Shopping Bag

Here’s another passion. If he loves the garbage bucket I think he loves the shopping bag even more. When we come home from the grocery shopping and are emptying the bag he comes galloping. 104 more words


Jacky & The Garbage Bin

Every day the same procedure. We take the bag out of the kitchen bin and put a new clean one in. Where ever Jacky is or whatever he is doing he comes running and jump into to bin. 24 more words