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Jacky reads her cards

from The Trap

Calah went back to making pancakes, and Jacky finally got some. They were excellent, when doused in Calah’s own tree syrup. The rain still pounded down outside. 1,856 more words

Jacky almost falls off the roof

Jacky already knew four or five ways down, but they all led into the front of the palace. So now she went out the Prince’s front door on the third floor, then headed down the hall, up the next hall, into a tiny empty room, out its other door and into a room with a stair up and a stair down and three halls into an interconnected mess of rooms and courts and cross-ways over open alleys and courts below. 2,787 more words

Jacky & The Apple Tree

Jacky loved to jump up onto the laundry drying rack and walk it back and forth. He did that for several times a day. He also loved to lay there to watch our doings from above. 96 more words


Happy Birthday Jacky

<3 <3 <3

It was Jacky’s one year birthday yesterday. Time flies. It seems like yesterday when we brought him in the middle of last August. 57 more words


Apple Flowers

I have been quite busy and almost missed photographing the apple flowers. On Monday I saw they started to turn brownish already. I quickly took a couple of pictures. 56 more words


Selling pens... and Toastmasters

13 May 2017

Suhas was innovative in his speech Selling Anything.  He talked about tips on pitching oneself using the example of selling pens.  He concluded his speech saying if he failed to sell the pens to us, at least we could use the pens to vote for him as the Best Speaker.  392 more words

Public Speaking