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"J" IS FOR Jesus, Joy, Journaling, Jacob and Joseph

I am still participating in the “Blogging A to Z” challenge and today’s letter is “J”.  For me, some words and people that come to mind for the letter “J” include:  Jesus, joy, Jacob and Joseph. 187 more words


Eric's been with us ONE YEAR!

Can you believe Eric has been with us for ONE YEAR (on April 9th)??!!! I wanted to process and post while I’m waiting in an airport because my next 2 weeks are going to be non-stop! 1,559 more words


17 weeks preggo!

I am 17 weeks preggers! Woo hoo! We are trucking right along. You are welcome for the candid photo/selfie. It was a crazy, busy day… week. 1,013 more words


16 weeks!!! - Pregnancy Post

We’re at 16 weeks! Woo hoo! 16 feels good… like 4 months-ish!

Size of the baby: The babe is the size of an AVACADO this week! 451 more words


15 weeks preggers!

Week 15 has arrived! That means only 25 weeks or so to go… AHHH! That’s not very many if you ask me. I mean… our first kiddo took over 91 weeks to get, so 25 is like a blink. 611 more words


Weeks 13 and 14 - Pregnancy Post!

We are officially in the 2nd trimester!! Hooray!

(Please excuse the hair in the pic. That’s what happens when you are 27 years old, you still wear pig tail braids on mission trips, you don’t put sunscreen on your part, you get burnt, and your husband freaks out because your head is peeling. 1,032 more words


11 weeks!! - Pregnancy Post

We are at 11 weeks people!! So crazy!

Size of the baby: The babe is a LIME!!! Woo hoo! It’s like 1.5 inches long. It has fingers and toes!! 754 more words