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Eli's Birth Story

This is a story I will tell for the rest of my life. Every mom with a biological kid has a birth story that they share with every other expecting momma… wanted or unwanted. 1,310 more words


DUE DATE - 40 Weeks Pregnant!

Well, it’s Eli’s due date… and he’s not here.  He’s a stubborn kiddo, but hopefully he is getting baked all the way in there. We did go to the doc this morning for our LAST weekly. 736 more words


Eli's Nursery!

Eli’s nursery is COMPLETE! He really can come whenever he’s ready now.

I’m REALLY excited about how his nursery turned out.  My hubby is the BOMB and made the pallet wall and the book shelf.   176 more words


37/38 Weeks Preggers! The final countdown...

Eli is staying put for now! Nothing is happening yet, per the doctor. So, we’ll just wait and see when he wants to make his grand entrance… or exit! 1,070 more words


33 weeks - Pregnancy Post

Well it’s been a little while since I posted my belly info… like 8 weeks to be exact.  Here’s a recap of some belly pictures: 712 more words


25 weeks!! Pregnancy Post

Size of Eli: Eli is a size of a TURNIP this week! And… get this… my uterus is the size of a SOCCER BALL! Isn’t that great? 631 more words


24 weeks!! Pregnancy Post

Size of Eli: Eli is the size of a PAPAYA or an EAR OF CORN!! I think PAPAYA is much cuter than an EAR OF CORN… 677 more words