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Anderson Brothers Profile + Videos 10/26/15

Popular in the functional fitness community, the Anderson family is probably one of the fittest families in America (videos below).

Impressive also is the following list of achievements: 587 more words


You Gotta Hear This One Song - Bloodsport

Hello there!

I recently discovered the artist Raleigh Ritchie’s song “Bloodsport” and instantly fell in love with it. I wanted to know more about the musician behind the song and decided to do a little Google search. 116 more words


Raleigh Ritchie - Never Say Die (Prod. By Sounwave)

It’s been a while since we’ve heard some new material from actor-turned-musician Jacob Anderson aka Raleigh Ritchie but his new song is very impressive to say the least. 37 more words

Into The Music

Game of Thrones S05 E05: Kill the Boy

We’ve reached the midway point of season five of “Game of Thrones,” and fittingly some very important characters make some very important decisions that have kingdoms hanging in the balance. 1,183 more words


Everyone's Favorite Unsullied From 'Game Of Thrones' Released A New Music Video

There are several surprise musical talents hidden within the Game of Thrones cast. Many people have enjoyed the 80s pop stylings of Bronn back when he was part of a group called… 167 more words


Raleigh Ritchie's The Greatest

With a voice as casual as it is charming, Raleigh Ritchie has created a perfect pop track. Starting out on a surprising syncopated beat, the song continues on a smooth ride over beguilingly meaningful lyrics about life’s difficulties, but quickly switches over to a chorus that conjures the supreme power of living life to its fullest. 174 more words