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Kissing Icons, Swinging Censers: The Ancient Vibes of Eastern Orthodoxy

by Sam Buntz

The censer swings… and swings. The censer keeps swinging, persistently, throughout nearly the entirety of this Eastern Orthodox Church service in Central Connecticut—indeed, throughout the recorded history of Christendom. 1,651 more words

Kirzai and the desert

Ages ago, somewhere in Central Asia, in a village called Givah, there was a young merchant named Kirzai whose business called him one day to travel to the village of Tchigan. 1,464 more words


Oct. 13, 2015 Portugal, Pilgrimage, and Jackie Lovato

Dear Friends,

While poking around in my library, a book inadvertently, but not accidentally fell off a shelf. I picked it up, mused over it a bit and noted a quote on the back cover from Jacob Needleman. 494 more words

Travel: Boots On The Ground