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Whitehead Talks and Locations for Today

For those interested, I’m posting the location of my talks below along with the PDFs for the papers I’ll be working from. It’s been a great conference so far, and I’m sure I’ll have more to say about it in the coming days. 46 more words


A Philosophical Ecology

In my last two talks, I began to lay the groundwork for a philosophical ecology. Such a philosophy engages traditional philosophical categories—e.g, appearance and reality, ontology and epistemology, and the empirical and the transcendental—in a new light informed by an evolutionary and ecological framework. 1,107 more words

Knowledge Ecology

Noë and Uexküll: Ecology, Style, and Meaning

I have been exploring Alva Noë’s actionist account of perception and cognition in terms of an ecological account of the subject-concept relation. In my previous posts ( 1,123 more words


Big History and Cosmopolitics

I’ll be speaking with some of the usual suspects at the International Big History Association Conference this August at Dominican University in San Rafael, California. Our Panel description and abstracts can be found below. 1,058 more words


Arven etter Alfred

Intervju med Jørgen Johansen i xxxx den xxxx

For første gang i Nobelhistorien blir fredsprisen i år gitt til en muslimsk kvinne. Av tidligere vinnere er imidlertid hele ni av ti vestlige menn. 924 more words

Political Comment And Analysis

Ecology and Time

Cognitive ethology is the study of animal minds, and it provides essential insights into the ontology of ecosystems—most recently in regards to the relation between ecology and time. 738 more words