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Analysis of Jacques Lacan's Psychoanalysis

Jacque Lacan is a controversial and notorious psychoanalyst, known for his rewriting of Freudian theory. Lacan’s theories are widely used in postmodern literature, film studies and also psychotherapy. 1,012 more words


Books received - Foucault, Lacan, Heidegger, Custer, Deutscher & Haddad, Nieuwenhuis & Crouch

The most recent volume of Foucault’s lectures in English, Lacan’s Autre Ecrits, Heidegger’s Zollikoner Seminare, the edited collection on Foucault/Derrida: Fifty Years Later… 33 more words

Books received - Ryzinski, Jünger, Geroulanous, Lacan, Barraqué

Remigiusz Ryzinski’s Foucault w Warszawie, Ernst Jünger, The Worker, Stefanos Geroulanous, Transparency in Postwar France: A Critical History of the Present, two volumes of Lacan’s seminar, and Jean Barraqué’s… 50 more words

From Freud to Pink Floyd

This classic piece of BBC TV from 1967 –  Hans Keller interviewing Pink Floyd is so great.

Keller “The music is so loud, it is so repetitive, it requires an audience, I obviously don’t get it.” “I grew up with the string quartet.” 371 more words


Happiness as Decoy

The Office for National Statistics have announced that England is happier since the referendum vote. I don’t know how they think that you can measure happiness but some people obviously think that you can. 519 more words


The Sexual Predator

The sexual predator, from the psychoanalytic perspective is influenced by psychic drives that develope in the early years of life. In a way the infant starts off as a pervert, ie enjoying sucking the breast, enjoying shitting, staring at objects for pure pleasure and then through a process of socialisation turns what are perceived as antisocial pleasures into more acceptable ones. 351 more words