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Passage à l’acte

One of the images that has stayed with me from the Barcelona terror attack is that of the young terrorist who is shot by the Spanish policeman in Cambrils south of the city in the early hours of Friday morning, who gets back on his feet and taunts the policeman and bystanders whilst striding around with a false explosive belt on before being shot to the ground. 273 more words


Future Anterior : Art

“What is realised in my history is neither the past definite as what was, since it is no more, nor even the perfect as what has been in what I am, but the future anterior as what I will have been, given what I am in the process of becoming.” Jacques Lacan… 155 more words


Farage defence of Trump

Will you please excuse me while I get something off my chest in, no doubt, a chaotic and hysterical rant?

Isn’t racism not ultimately to do with race but to do with culture, a culture that privileges normality? 289 more words


Is Love Island too real to be true?

Film directors have always known that the spectacle of couples falling in love and making love is in itself too intense for us to experience. It has to be mediated; staged and performed in a signified way – dramatised at a safe distance. 242 more words


Lacan's l'Encéphale papers I: 'Detective Story' (1928). An unauthorised translation by me.

‘Detective Story. From Chronic Hallucinatory Delirium to Imaginary Delusion.’

Presented by MM. Lévy-Valensy, P. Meignant and J. Lacan at the Société de psychiatrie; published in… 739 more words

Language and Gender Binary

I was interested by a video clip on the Guardian page called ‘Gender Beyond the Binary’ which was a series of interviews with transgender people and it led me to think about language and the idea of how language functions in relation to the gender binary logic. 574 more words


The Boss Baby (2017)

Like any film worth its salt, Dreamworks’s The Boss Baby does at least one good thing right– keep things ambiguous.

The premise of the film is as follows: Tim, an imaginable young man, has his world changed when his parents bring home his baby brother. 865 more words

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