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Odalisques & Arabesques

The Turkish Bath, 1862, oil on canvas, diam. 108 cm, Louvre. A summation of the theme of female voluptuousness attractive to Ingres throughout his life, rendered in the circular format of earlier masters. 899 more words



When I suggest a brunch spot known for chicken and waffles, even my dog is grateful.

Let the parade begin.


ON THIS DAY: July 13, 2016

July 13th is

World Cup Football Day

National French Fries Day

Embrace Your Geekiness Day

International Rubik’s Cube Day

Gruntled Workers Day *

* if you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands! 370 more words



By the mid-1700s, Europe was over the flowery, over the top Rococo style. It was the Enlightenment now. Serious men concerned with reason and the nature of the universe didn’t paint girls on swing sets anymore. 308 more words

19th Century

The Guillotine: Does death by decapitation equal instant death? | A R T L▼R K

On the 17th of June 1939, Eugen Weidmann, a convicted murderer, was guillotined in Versailles outside Saint-Pierre prison. He was the last person to be guillotined in public. 20 more words

20th Century

The Depths of Socrates

The Death of Socrates is an oil on canvas painting by the French artist Jacques-Louis David a proponent of the (at the time) revolutionary ideas of liberalism and secularism in late 18th Century Europe. 1,528 more words


Unidentified painting in Gotham

A while back I wrote a post about a painting which can be seen in the TV series Gotham. That painting is Jacques Louis David’s Oath of the Horatii (1784) and it is hung on one of the main living room walls. 92 more words

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