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Is that Ai Weiwei?!

The Death of Marat // He Xiangyu // 2011 // Painted fiberglass, silicone, fabric, human hair & leather // Ed. 1 of 3

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Retrato (inacabado) de Madame Récamier (1800) de Jacques-Louis David, no Museu do Louvre.
(unfinished) Portrait of Madame Récamier (1800) by Jacques-Louis David, at Louvre Museum.

Badass Historical Chemists: The Woman Behind Antoine Lavoisier

Antoine Lavoisier is deservedly considered one of the great chemists in history. We might not know of his experiments if it weren’t for his wife. She became a remarkable, if unconventional, chemist herself and had one of the weirder lives in history.

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Happy Birthday Jacques Louis David!

Happy Birthday my friend and comrade,

As you know I have been in exile since a few days after you were jailed. It’s a pity Robespierre fell from power. 683 more words

Jacques Louis David

Calasso: The Notion Of Legitimacy

The notion of legitimacy blends the two fundamental operations of the mind: analogy and convention (that is, the process of establishing arbitrary equivalences). They are branches that fork from a single trunk, namely substitution. 103 more words

The Oath of the Horatii – Horas’ların Yemini 1784 Ressam Jacques-Louis David

The Oath of the Horatii – Horas’ların Yemini 1784 Ressam Jacques-Louis David

Resmin konusu antik bir Roma hikayesine dayanır. Horaslar, Romalı üçüzlerdir, Roma ve Alba Longa şehrindeki Albalılar ile aralarındaki sorunu çözmek için kendileri gibi üçüz olan Curiatlarla savaşmak zorunda kalırlar. 315 more words


Cat; Morning Aphorism, No. 1

Can only bear one god at a time
America, like Israel, and Juicy Fruit
Time unmade, like a bed, bares many. 6 more words