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The Autopsy of The Killing: Part 7 - Vengeance

New Evidence – Stan and a petrified Bennet arrive at an empty dock, and Stan tells him to get out of the vehicle. After numerous knocks on her front door, Amber eventually opens to Linden and says she hasn’t heard from Bennet. 1,217 more words

The Autopsy of The Killing: Part 6 - What You Have Left

New Evidence – Lieutenant Oakes believes the evidence found at Bennet’s house is circumstantial, so he tells Linden and Holder to find something more conclusive. Principal Meyers visits Councilman Richmond to tell him about Bennet and the police investigation, which is unfortunate for Richmond, as his new TV spot ends with him and Bennet embracing one another. 1,299 more words

The Worst Of The Worst - He Is BOB, Eager For Fun

Let’s talk about BOB.

I always had one issue with this character, and that was that I never found him scary. Other fans talk about their nightmares and fear of him, but for me his motives are entirely apparent and clear, and that takes away any creepiness. 898 more words