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Even Willows aren't perfect.

Willow has had her fair share of scandals. Over the years, children of celebs tend to stray from the picture perfect image the media paints them as but that usually happens in their mid or late teens or early twenties like in the case of Miley Cyrus. 334 more words

Fish Mooney Returns, B!+@#

This is how you come back from the dead!!! The beautiful Jada Pinkett-Smith returns to Gotham as the murderous matriarch Fish Mooney. Might have to start watching again. 7 more words


Paula Patton prepares for 'WARCRAFT' as we throwback to Warrior Princesses who SLAY

Kicking ass, defying gravity and guarding their galaxy is no easy feat. So when it comes to a woman standing up for what she believes in, there is no one who can get in her way. 324 more words


Gotham S3:E21 Recap

A Legion of Horribles

Well, You’re In It Now

With Selina missing Bruce finally admits he screwed up and goes to his dads for backup. After Alfred reads him the riot act for dragging Selina back into his mess after Alfred expressly forbid him from doing so, they game plan a rescue which essentially boils down to walking right through the front door.   338 more words

TV Talk

The Nutty Professor (1996)

Hugely Entertaining

When I first saw this remake, I never knew about the Jerry Lewis movie from the 60’s.
but after I saw this I did some research on that and I saw that the 2 have similarities although this one takes it way higher.

202 more words

Cute! Jaden And Willow Smith Show Love To Famous Parents

We all know that Jaden and Willow Smith dance to the beat of their own drum, but their love for their parents is something they proudly display together. 771 more words

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