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10 Cool Facts From the 2007 World Championships

1. Shayla Worley celebrated her 17th birthday during the qualification round. (2/SEP/1990)

2. During the team final Anastasia Liukin missed her foot on her dismount and did a simple tuck off the… 345 more words

Gymnastics Cool Facts

The Gymnastics World in... 2007!

Shawn Johnson has her senior debut with her 2007 American Cup Title.

At Europeans in April, the current World All-Around Champion Vanessa Ferrari, becomes the European All-Around Champion. 371 more words

Vanessa Ferrari

10 Things a Gym-Fan Has Seen in 10 Years of the Open Ended Code

1. A real advantage for countries taking risks. Under the old code taking an extra risk in an innovative skill didn’t give gymnasts any advantage unless it performed flawlessly since it was the execution the one that counted the most. 957 more words

Gymnastics Cool Facts