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'What's it like f****** a boiled egg?' Jade Goody's widower Jack Tweed found guilty of assault

Jack Tweed has been found guilty of assault after a court rejected his claim that his victims had provoked him by calling Jade Goody a ‘boiled egg’. 394 more words


The Official Jade Goody Tribute from OK! Magazine and Goody's Representation in the Tabloid Press

Today I thought I’d start things a bit differently. Rolling back the years, does anyone remember Jade Goody’s rise to stardom? Her ups and downs in her public and private life which got intensely followed by the relentless media? 629 more words

Celebrity Culture

Across The Pond

Some called it brilliant, some called it boring, but the 15th version of Celebrity Big Brother once again captured the attention of scores of British fans for the 31 days it was on. 313 more words


1971: Stan Collymore Born (Not A Celebration)

You know, Stan Collymore is horrible. Last year he launched a defence of allegations that he hit Swedish penis-hider Ulrika Jonnson a few years back. Included in Collymore’s protestations of innocence were allegations that Jonnson was ‘reinventing history for a stitch up’. 219 more words



How many young women have to die before the NHS realise that cervical cancer is no joke?

Before 2009, the age at which a woman was invited for her first smear was set at 30 however, due to the publicity surrounding Jade Goody’s (UK TV personality, Big Brother etc) illness, it was lowered to 25. 327 more words


Jady Goody's cash-strapped mum looking to sell late daughter's belongings on Flog It: 'The money will help me out'

The mother of late reality TV star Jade Goody is looking to sell her daughter’s belongings for extra money by applying to be on BBC’s Flog It! 255 more words


Jack Tweed: 'My £150 a day cannabis addiction'

Jade Goody’s widower Jack Tweed has admitted to a £150-a-day addiction to cannabis.

The skint ex-nightclub promoter — who is having an on/off relationship with another former Big Brother star Chanelle Hayes, 26 — confessed to almost committing suicide over his skunk habit. 116 more words