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Buyer's Guide for the Batman-Catwoman Wedding Issue

On July 4, the 80 year relationship between Batman and Catwoman will culminate in “Holy Matrimony” by Tom King, the wedding issue in Batman #50.  It’s an important milestone in DC Comics history, and they’re going all out with the widest possible selection of artists creating variant covers.  123 more words

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Nathaniel Tryon (Neutron)

Lucy W.‘s next character brings us to Smallville once again, as we meet less-then-secondary villain Neutron. In the episode Injustice, poor Neutron, portrayed by… 829 more words


Comic Cover Corner: Namor: The First Mutant #3

In this edition of Comic Cover Corner, I’m looking at the cover for Namor: The First Mutant #3, drawn by Jae Lee. The short-lived series focused on The Sub-Mariner’s mutant heritage and his time working with the X-Men. 309 more words


Shocker Part 2

Jae Lee and Jose Villarrubia brought Hellshock back in 1997.  Except…it was an entirely new beast.  All previous story lines appear to have been dropped.  Not entirely, as the new series is actually set before the mini-series.  370 more words

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Shocker Part One

Early Image often missed the opportunity to meet it’s promise as a Creator Owned hub.  I mean, they were creator owned, but they also had plenty of creators farming their work out to newer artists.  519 more words

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