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Pacific Rim moments: Top 5

So Pacific Rim: Uprising is less than a week away from hitting cinemas across the UK. Unbelievably it has taken five years to create this sequel to one of 2013’s most underrated films.  802 more words


Midweek: Elefant, Oslo Camping, Jaeger.

Clear your schedule! Clear your schedule here is the better to have at hand! So good that they are bound to make your last weekend look totally weak. 321 more words

Midweek: Jaeger, The Villa.

Let’s go for a dive in what the upcoming weekend will serve! One that sure gives you time to heal from a week of hard corporate labour. 113 more words

Midweek: Elefant, Jaeger, Skippergata.

Over this weekend I am well out of town being an explorer, traveler and an adventurer. So in the light of that here is a menu of venues that you can certainly find amusing! 250 more words

Toy Fair 2018: Re-Cancelling The Apocalypse With Diamond Select's 'Pacific Rim: Uprising' - ScienceFiction.com

Remember when I posted about the Kaiju in Pacific Rim 2, and wondered if the Jaeger’s would be fighting only 1 of them in the movie? 29 more words


Midweek: Monument, Freadag, Badabing.

You know when you are over-ecstatic that Wednesday has splurged to its arrival. A day that is welcomed with open arms just because the weekend is just around the corner. 406 more words

A Little Something about “Jägare”

While the Finnish and Swedish armed forces in general are rather similar, the languages they speak differ. And not only in the obvious difference between Swedish and Finnish (and Swedish), but key words and phrases differ as well. 1,121 more words