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I Went to a Bar After Midnight

This is my last month as a single man. It’s something that really didn’t hit me until this weekend, I haven’t been a single man since I met my fiancee two years ago. 764 more words


Download festival (in the rain)

My worst fear about going to a festival is rain. And mud. And basically all of the associated icky, cold, not fun, wet parts of bad weather. 698 more words

Life And Living

Friend love multiplied by 100 // Carleton U Ski & Snowboard Club

2015 has been a rough year for a lot of my friends and I. We don’t really know why, but it seems like we’re all in a state of transition and big – sort of negative – life changes are happening to some of us.  340 more words


Tears in my cleavage

Morning Lovers!

Yes, rare is the occasion I get to use those words as I’m usually in deep deep beauty sleep mode until the pm hours of the day. 1,700 more words

One Picture Wankers

Hello Lovers!

A thousand apologies for the late post but exam time is upon me! (Sure I’m not really studying much but procrastinating really eats into your day!) Now last time we strayed away from the Rick story to let you in on my present mishaps. 1,973 more words

24 days of Christmas Part 4

16th December: With a lot of presents having arrived, today was the day I tackled the wrapping. Another offer on at Sainsburys meant I was able to purchase some rather luxurious looking wrapping paper in an array of pinks and golds; £6 for 3 rolls. 1,038 more words


A re-think on drink

I’ve decided that I can’t handle my alcohol. This won’t be a great shock for some and I have also been saying this for a while. 518 more words