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Mystery Car

Today we are having a mystery car competition which is why the headline says “Mystery Car”.

To make it difficult for almost everyone, I am showing the underside of the car and not the usual detail of the exterior.  169 more words

Mystery Car

Jaguar XJR575 is the fastest XJ ever

Jaguar is among the few legacy car brands I hold in high regard. How can I not? This British company made the beautiful and timeless E-Type. 864 more words


The Quintessence : (Part Five)

Manufacturing was Jaguar’s fatal weakness. It would become XJ6’s undoing.

Through a combination of genius, skill, misfortune and at times, sheer good luck, the Jaguar XJ6 proved to be precisely what the market realised it wanted. 1,071 more words


Taken for a Ride

This is a piece of flash fiction, a little over 100 words long. The idea for story came to me over breakfast, and amused me enough to make me sit down straightaway and write it. 159 more words

Short Stories

The Quintessence : (Part One)

William Lyons’ masterpiece. In a series of articles, we celebrate an automotive high watermark as it marks its 50th anniversary.

Without any doubt at all, the XJ6 is my personal favourite. 982 more words



The 1987 ECOTY winner was something of a DTW stalwart. Even more so however was the fifth placed entrant, one championed by longtime panellist and judge, L.J.K. 1,030 more words


Jurors the Dawn, Dusk and Midnight Silently Attend

To save this village we must destroy it. And similar logic applies to the next Jaguar XJ. Altered to be saved. 

That is the common theme to reports from… 756 more words