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Jaguar Santa Barbara Takes an Early Look at the Jaguar XJ

Jaguar offers drivers exceptional design, power, and sophistication with the updated 2016 Jaguar XJ.

Drivers have a lot to look forward to with the new 2016 Jaguar XJ.  496 more words

Santa Barbara

Monday Motoring: All-New Jaguar XF

Last weekend, I had the privilege of a 24-hour test drive of Jaguar’s all New XF. This is the second generation of the car that in many ways relaunched Jaguar, moving it away from its inclination towards retro models like the S-Type and X-Type and into a more modern and high tech future. 1,040 more words


Jaguar Engages Millennials with Dynamic 2017 Line-Up Additions

Jaguar reaches out to a more diverse market with exciting new additions to the 2017 line-up and a more comprehensive ownership package.

Santa Barbara Auto Group is excited to share the news that Jaguar North America will be offering an expanded model line-up over the next six months.  493 more words

Santa Barbara

Romance: Southwards, by Jaguar

The combination of Italy, twelve cylinders and pleasant company should not leave much space for any prosaic considerations, such as reliability and fuel economy. But worries have the habit of finding their way, regardless of cultural and geographical charms.  3,083 more words

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Theme: Wheels - Going In Circles

Once upon a time, there was a belief that the ideal way to complement the shape of a wheel was… by adding circles. That time was the Eighties. 781 more words

Was Then ...

2015 Jaguar XJ

Nobleman of the British Jaguar XJ was renewed manner worthy descendants. Since 1968 as one of the most exclusive models showing the size of the F segment, Jaguar XJ, 4th maintain its presence on the roads by generation spent up operation. 837 more words