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Irmin Schmidt "Musk at Dusk" 1986

’86 and ’87 were hella busy years, and I’m going to need to backpedal a few times ere the full story be told. Let’s return to the summer of ’86, when Irmin Schmidt flew me out to Zurich to help mix his album… 309 more words

Rough Guide to the Music of China Vol.2

China, and the world’s perception of China, has changed immeasurably since the first edition of the Rough Guide to the Music of China, nearly ten years ago. 1,966 more words

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Jah Wobble "Tradewinds" 1986

I found another great track Wobble did at Guerilla, which gives me a good excuse to write some more about him. For I was thinking about Wobble (as you do) and I had a far distant memory of the first time I saw him, when I was but a lad of 18. 185 more words

Rid of the Albatross: PiL - Metal Box (reissue)

What’s left to say about Metal Box? It’s one of those albums with baggage in tow, like Sgt Pepper’s, Kind of Blue, Low or… 555 more words

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Jah Wobble Becoming More Like God - YouTube

via Jah Wobble Becoming More Like God – YouTube.


Uploaded on 23 Jun 2007

Jah Wobble Becoming More Like God

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    • “Becoming More Like God” by 

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Public Image Limited - Another (1979)

Posted to mark the 59th birthday of John Lydon who, over the years, has gradually morphed into another example of the Great English Eccentric … Anyone debating the use of the word “English” is referred to his stated allegiance in his autobiography “Anger is an Energy”! 83 more words

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