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The Harsh Realities of the Harris County Jail

Some of the harsh realities of the Harris County Jail, and any other jail for that matter, are listed below.

  • Loss of Freedom.
  • Forced to eat terrible food (By circumstance).
  • 100 more words
DWI Penalties

Life In Cellblock M4

5-14-2010 Journal Entry

“Wednesday was so crazy and unnerving as any I have suffered through in a long time. Not long after dinner, another man was added to the mix, making it 12 in an 8 man cell (with 4 on the floor) it was painfully loud with one (Zithri) being not only randomly louder than anyone I’ve ever encountered but with a quality of action as to suggest sudden violence for any or no reason at all. 554 more words

"I Was So Scared Mom!"

5-12-2010 Letter to Mom and Dad

“Well, this last P.M. (11th) brought unpleasantness to add to my otherwise depressing week. Having been over run with new arrivals, the jail was forced to move me into a “dorm” style cell which, up till now, I have avoided due to my colon problems (blood, you know). 462 more words


Rapper Ja Rule sits down for a daytime exclusive interview to talk about his time in prison and reports of infidelity.

Then, Ja Rule tells us about his new movie, “I’m in Love with a Church Girl.”


"I Really Miss My Family. Will I Ever See Them Again?"

(I just want my readers to remember that all real names have been changed to make this  account anonymous. As we enter more into the stories of jail life and my son’s interactions with other inmates, I have taken the liberty to give these men the names of Old Testament biblical characters. 851 more words

Hip Hop and Paper Cranes

I was in jail for 6 years for a robbery. While I was in jail, I started folding paper cranes. I was told if I folded 1,000 of them I could have one wish come true. 37 more words

Hip Hop

Working in a Jail

For someone who has never been around a detention facility or Jail the thought probably makes you cringe. definitely there are times when I cringe as well but there are other sides that the public does not see. 307 more words