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Nothing Says. . .

Dear Friends,

Early in my jail writing, I began to notice a pattern in which I would write, “Nothing says A like B,” as in, “Nothing says skeptical like that look.” So I began assembling a list of some of the more entertaining ones, and for your reading enjoyment, here they are! 133 more words

Jail Life

People Ask Me Many Things In Jail...

It likely comes as no surprise that there are a lot of people in here who are, shall we say, not as well educated as are others. 410 more words

Jail Life

The Harsh Realities of the Harris County Jail

Some of the harsh realities of the Harris County Jail, and any other jail for that matter, are listed below.

  • Loss of Freedom.
  • Forced to eat terrible food (By circumstance).
  • 100 more words