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I was never able to see that before

Hey. All of that is my truth. Hewey Newton died in an alleged drug
deal gone wrong. Che helped put Fidel in power and executed over 100 of… 193 more words

A Light On PTSD


these words that I write are not my possession
rather my feeble attempts to describe the impression
that you’ve had on me, and I have a confession… 186 more words

A Light On PTSD

Future's DJ, DJ Esco, Did 56 Days In A Dubia Prison

On January 13, Future‘s affable DJ Esco (real name: William Moore) returned to his mother’s home cooking after an unexpectedly long stay in the United Arab Emirates.

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TI Back in Custody After Violation

Rapper T.I. as been trying to get his life back on track following his arrest in 2007, on felony gun possession but those efforts have been derailed by jail time and probation violations. 176 more words


Cameron Todd Willingham innocent, murdered by Texas, Gov. Perry, politics, and junk science

Texas executed an  innocent man, Cameron Todd Willingham on February 16, 2004.. I think this is now pretty clear.  This is NOT the only case of a wrongful execution. 683 more words


How to Find Peace in the Face of Horror?

May 24, 2009-M said:

I understand that FG is in division 9. Is that the most miserable place? He murdered a relative, and her baby in January. 499 more words


Poorly Managed "War on Drugs" Leads to Increased Crime and Terrorism

The following internet post is one of the best discussions on the “War on Drugs” and its unintended and unacceptable collateral consequences that I have seen in years. 66 more words

Government Corruption