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What’s JAIL SUPPORT & Why is it important?

Jail Support is both tracking – finding out where people who were arrested were taken, calling to check in on their commissioner’s hearing and arraignment (when they get charged/see if they need bail) – and being outside the jail/booking to provide comfort to friends and community members who have been arrested when they get released.

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Cody Lee Sutherlin Free, Releases Statement

Cody Lee released this statement through New York City Anarchist Black Cross:

When it comes to thanks, I don’t know where to begin. Do I mention certain individuals or organizations? 272 more words


John Tucker Free, Releases Statement

John released this statement through New York City Anarchist Black Cross:

“These past 20 months have been an ordeal to say the least. From court drama to safety issues to just the woes of incarceration itself, this has been a trying process. 475 more words


Prison & Support

Today marks a full year that Jeremy Hammond has been locked up, awaiting trial after being charged with the Stratfor hack.  Last March 5, he was arrested in Chicago by the FBI, after that fucker Sabu cooperated.  583 more words

The Internet

Solidarity Jeremy Hammond Birthday Wishes - Jan 8 #FreeHammond

Call to action: Solidarity Jeremy Hammond Birthday Wishes

Tuesday, January 8th is Jeremy Hammond’s birthday. He will spend it in the Metropolitan Correctional Center.

It would be great if people could take a minute to send a postcard or letter wishing Jeremy Hammond a Happy Birthday. 125 more words


Seeking Contributors

Equal Opportunity Destroyers is searching for contributors! If you’d be interested in writing about theory, political science, political prisoner updates, or current events from an antifascist, anarchist perspective you should contact us!


Solstice Support: Write the Three Blockaders in Texas!

As we head home to spend the holidays with our families, please keep in mind those who are currently in jail and on hunger strike for their involvement in the latest XL Pipeline blockade action where people blockaded themselves within the pipeline itself to prevent continued construction.  112 more words