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Conversations with Lucas, Part Four

We love this silly boy and are so thankful for him and for all the joy he brings to our lives. He loves to laugh and he sure makes us laugh! 437 more words

Enmity: Part I


Part I: Angst

“Rowan, please try to understand…”

“No! Why would you do this? Why would they let you!?”

“You’ll be happy there. That’s all I want.” 1,618 more words

Year One

Life After Purpose: Part III

Life After Purpose

Part III: Corrupt Thoughts

That little shit…if he thinks he can get away with saying such bullshit about me, then he’s mistaken. I should’ve made my point clear before he had his “protection” around. 997 more words

Year One

FireStar: Part II


Part II: Fragmented

I woke up and started to panic when I couldn’t remember anything. I didn’t know where I was. Looking around, I struggled to regain any memory of this place. 1,077 more words

Year One

Dying Light:Part II

Dying Light

Part II: Unguarded

I woke up all sweaty and with my heart in my head. What I saw just moments before happened to be memories from my past. 1,217 more words

Year One

Style Muse VB

I have always loved Victoria Beckham’s style – the dresses, jeans, bags, shoes, etc….as well as her confidence/equanimity.  It doesn’t hurt that she seems like a really decent human being and a great mom. 71 more words