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Book Review - Doctor Who: The Nameless City

  • Title: The Nameless City
  • Series: Doctor Who Novelette Collection
  • Author: Michael Scott
  • Characters: Second Doctor, Jaime
  • Date Reviewed on GoodReads: 06/10/2016

Doctor Who The Nameless City is the second book in the Twelve Doctors 50th Anniversary boxed set of 12 mini-books. 482 more words


Love My Booties

It’s an ongoing goal of mine to curate a super versatile closet…and despite knowing I’ve pretty much achieved that, I still see new things to add… 382 more words


A Tip For Sleeping Better

For anyone out there who may be looking for some advice on how to sleep alone and actually get some sleep, here’s my best tip… 763 more words

Collecting Duct Carcinoma

I Love Lace-ups

I had a pair of lace-up sandals in college…donated them a few years ago because the laces were coming apart…but I still loved them…and they were a walk-able heel! 125 more words


Book Review - Doctor Who: The Wheel of Ice

  • Title: The Wheel of Ice
  • Series: Doctor Who – Unknown
  • Author: Stephen Baxter
  • Characters: Second Doctor, Jaime, Zoë
  • Date Reviewed on GoodReads: 7/26/2016

The Wheel of Ice is a hard Science Fiction novel featuring the Second Doctor, as played by Patrick Troughton on the BBC television series, Doctor Who. 759 more words


SMC: Pink Cupcake & White

Just add fun bracelets!

And perhaps a tan ;)

I’m so over things not fitting or looking terrible…I’m hoping these work.  I have no white and few pastels that work universally…actually I have no pastels or white dresses…some bright dresses…and church events always seem to have a pastel theme at least once a year (cardi for church…obviously). 45 more words