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January 15th, 2018

I woke up this morning, filled with an overwhelming sense of anxiety and sadness. The anxiety was from the expenses associated with the move, and the sadness was from who I’d be leaving behind from the move. 479 more words


2018 Shopping So Far...

Did I need anything…technically no…but is it wise to get things when they are cheap and to use free money?  Yep!

This is actually the second…the first included sweaters, leggings and some button ups…Infant direly need a white one from some of her ministry duties…so many things for so cheap. 354 more words


Been Wanting: Camel Blazer

My ideas are usually better that what actually will work…

I guess the more I try, the better my estimations will get.

Camel colored blazers are on most lists of a must have…and in truth, it’s a color so close to my complextion that I will have to put other colors between it and me…but it’s a pretty neutral. 135 more words


Fave: Climaheat

Single digit degrees calls for tougher gear than normal…seems like there is always a learning curve leaving something to buy…just to exist and stay well. 42 more words


January 6th, 2018

I managed to get my customer service shift covered, but I still had to go in at 7AM so I could do the admin work. I definitely wasn’t feeling it at first, but once I was there, finished it, and was leaving, I actually felt pretty great about waking up that early. 154 more words


Mama Loves Plaid...for the Nth Time

Not buying anything else…right…starting now…but the savings on something this classic AND in my favorite print…gee wiz I need to tighten up!  Just this once…for… 19 more words

Outfit Planning


Lucas started Kindergarten on September 5th. It’s hard to believe he’s been in school nearly four months already. Overall it is going great! It’s a long day, but he’s handling it and is happy to go each morning. 1,080 more words