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Try, Try, Try, Try, Try it Again

Well, it’s that time again!  I’m off my latest round of antibiotics, feeling mostly better, and I am ready to start working on my fitness.  Did I say ready? 850 more words

Game of Thrones Power Rankings: S6 Ep3 "Oathbroken, Mic Drop"

Each week, we give every episode at least 24 hours to breathe and for you to get caught up. After that, you’re clicking at your own risk. 2,659 more words


Rhinoey to the Rescue

Lucas isn’t the world’s best sleeper. Even the very first night of his life, when he was teeny tiny and should have been tremendously sleepy, he would cry the moment we set him down. 455 more words

(Diary) To Jaime

Dearest Jaime,

I couldn’t tell this to you upfront because I’m scared that you’ll take this as a joke or you might avoid me. The truth is because of you, my life has been a beautiful mess. 218 more words

Diary Entry

Game of Thrones: The Red Woman. Is (SPOILER) really dead?

OK So no I’m not wondering if Jon Snow is dead. Cause he is, but that’s not’s what is bothering me right now. (Don’t worry Jon Snow people– I’ll come back to this in a bit). 1,285 more words

A Song Of Ice And Fire