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Bag Blessings

I love the Surprise Sales with up to 75% off.  I need nothing so I rarely purchase anything full price…it happens, but not very often. 217 more words


Blogorific Day One

Website day one. 3 hours of effort and finally RESULTS. I may not like the way the images have no thumbnails but I can fix that later.

42 more words

Day 2 Is A Much Better Day

Getting the hang of everything now. Really got my page set up to where it looks smooth but navigates like a dream. Now that I have a sort of template set up I can finally get some real content put on here.


The 5 Biggest Butterfly Effects in Game of Thrones

Anyone who’s read and/or watched HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ has drawn one irrevocable conclusion; That universe is F*cked. Honestly, I’m not even sure F*cked is a strong enough word. 1,601 more words


Conversations with Lucas, Part Five

It’s time for another installment of Conversations with Lucas! I hope they bring a smile to your face :)

L: Mommy, am I holding my pencil right? 671 more words

La importancia de la Comunicación Interna - Jaime Alfaro

Jaime Alfaro, comparte en este Podcast la evolución de la comunicación interna, su importancia y beneficios en las empresas y las características del comunicador interno.Hoy en día, la comunicación interna es valorada por las empresas y tiene una demanda laboral muy alta; incluso, importantes universidades han comenzado a brindar Masters enfocados en comunicación interna. 35 more words

Comunicación Organizacional