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Rock-cut Jain Temples and Reliefs at Kazhugumalai, Tamil Nadu

Near the tip of India, in the district of Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu lies a hill called Kazhugumalai (‘zh’ is to be pronounced as ‘L’ but with the tongue being taken further inwards) that is home to a majestic monolithic rock-cut Shiva Temple called Vettuvankovil together with Jain Reliefs. 3,858 more words

Heritage Of India Series

Thoughts on Jainism, of the most ancient Indian cultures still present today.

Another interesting religion my curiosity for Sikh behaviors and lifestyles led me to, one of the few religions advocating for complete nonviolence, sharing that stage with few others, another being the Pacific islander culture of the Moriori, whose traditions have been mostly lost to history and folklore after foreign dis-allocation of the Maori tribe led that warrior culture to come to require new homes, the Moriori themselves ultimately, at the very least among the most religious, choosing to be slain or enslaved rather than invoke violence on a fellow human. 1,016 more words


A mosque in Ahmedabad and Hindu temples

DURING VARIOUS VISITS TO AHMEDABAD, we have often driven past the Ahmed Shah Masjid, but never visited this venerable mosque. Close to the great Bhadra Fort and built in about 1414 AD by Ahmed Shah, the founder of Ahmedabad, this is the oldest extant mosque in the city. 442 more words

Around the mountain

LAST NIGHT WE MET DR ARUN SHARMA. He was introduced to us by Mr Kashyap Jani, the owner of Hotel Saraswati, where we stayed in Mount Abu. 1,486 more words

Temples and a palace

THE DELWARA JAIN TEMPLE COMPLEX close to Mount Abu opens to tourists at noon. We arrived at about 11 am and our driver, Zakir, suggested we visit the local museum, which turned out to be a handicraft shop. 522 more words

Jainism = "Jane Is Me"

Well everybody is me really and not at the same time. “Big Bang to Bang” ⁂

“She will be the death of me”

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_Wish_(2018_film) “Catholicity” 72 more words