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Jake T. Austin Confirms Relationship With Obsessed Fan: Sometimes You Just ‘Connect’

Dreams do come true! Jake T. Austin officially confirmed that yes, he is dating one of his superfans! Sure, she may have obsessed over him, but he’s crazy about Danielle Ceasar now! 317 more words

The Ultimate Fan Girl

Danielle Ceasar has recently been upgraded to The Ultimate Fan Girl in many people’s eyes. She is a 22 year old from New York who became, lets be honest, obsessed with an actor named Jake T. 196 more words

Social Media

This Disney Channel Star Is Dating His Biggest Internet Admirer!

Wait, this actually happened?! I guess there really is hope! I’m going to start Tweeting Leonardo DiCaprio everyday now! Disney Channel star Jake T. Austin from… 49 more words


Jake T. Austin Dating Fangirl After She Pursues Him On Twitter For Years -- Pic

Dreams do come true! We all have celeb crushes who we just KNOW would fall in love with us if they just gave us a chance. 354 more words

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Rewind Review: City Island

Sometimes it seems like fate when you hear about a film. Again this plays a bit into pre-life but this connection is a little more direct as I agree with the sentiments to follow. 904 more words


The Fosters

It’s only the beginning.

I love this show so much (but unfortunately for my time management issues, I am giving up Netflix L). I hate it when I watch shows with people making dumb mistakes that are just against common sense. 1,488 more words

TV And Netflix

Molly Bernard A YOUNGER Regular, THE FOSTERS Finds New Jesus, David Ajala To FALLING WATER

Yesterday was a crazy day, so I had to postpone everything a bit. This is what happened in terms of “smaller news” since my last update. 249 more words