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Lonely Girls and Feeling Nothing

I occasionally have something really meaningful from a long time ago just surface in my head. Like a body, that’s been dumped in a river by a serial killer, and forgotten about, until it bloats, and fills with methane, and the tendons and pieces and things get separated, and the whole thing comes bobbing to the surface minus, like, the foot that was chained to the cinder block when it got dumped. 410 more words


The Wallflowers Channel The Clash: 'Sandinista' Album Inspires Band

When The Wallflowers debuted their first single “Reboot the Mission” from sixth studio album Glad All Over there was something very familiar about it.

A rubbery disco dance rock song, “Reboot the Mission” didn’t sound much like what you’d expect an Americana foundation act like Wallflowers to sound like. 723 more words


A Year of Creating Dangerously, Day 250: A Master of Songcraft

“Well this place is old
It feels just like a beat up truck
I turn the engine, but the engine doesn’t turn
Well it smells of cheap wine, cigarettes…

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Happy Sunday: Ain't Got Much on My Mind

You have to have your window open wide for this one — it’s right there in the song.

Happy Sunday