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Finishing the skirt

I finished the skirt. And I know my daughter will be asking for more it turned out great!

I trimmed about 3 inches off the length off the bottom of the skirt and sewed the waistband and belt loops. 34 more words


Front pockets.

Before I started the front pockets I folded the belt loops and sewed edges down.

After sewing the pocket pieces to the front, and the front yokes in place. 61 more words


The back of the skirt

I compleated the back of the skirt today.

I started by pinning and marking the stripes. The plan was to sew them to the side using directions for tuxedo stripes. 106 more words


Another little detail.

Another little detail, but slightly bigger than the pockets.

The stripes. I serged together, stripes, 2 green with a white in the center.

And while I had the serger out I serged the edges of the belt loops. 59 more words


A daughter's idea

No matter how good a child’s idea is it isn’t always the easiest or quickest ideas to create.

One of those ideas that take a long time to accomplish was my daughter’s idea for the stitching on the pockets for her skirt. 97 more words


It's December 1st

And that means I can start my sewing for children projects. I have 3 planned. I am starting with the pattern that will have the most changes. 49 more words


The idea part 2

Now that the pattern is traced, I drew the pattern changes. I traced the pattern in purple. The changes were made in black.

Basicly all I did was straighten out all the areas where the seams are. 37 more words