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Branching out #2 Jam Making

Welcome to the second part of my ‘branching out’ series, where I explore crafts I’ve not tried before. Regular followers might be surprised to read about my exploits with boiling sugar given my clumsy tendencies, but the fact I am writing this and not in A&E is a promising sign! 591 more words

My Other Ramblings

Men in Sheds, eating scones

Bob brought some of his store of plum jam and Julia provided the scones. Really we should have made scones but we haven’t been able to get into the kitchen much this week (due to the preparations for the run) so it was off to the shop. 187 more words

Care Farm

Hobbies I want to take up

I’ve been looking around for a little while for something crafty to do, like little D.I.Y projects and such. The trouble is they all require some kind of skill like knitting and embroidery and such – skills that I don’t currently possess. 518 more words


And then there was...


Eight pots of strawberry and three pots of raspberry and a strong urge to put jam on everything!

And fresh raspberries and strawberries with natural yoghurt for breakfast every morning.   160 more words

Apricot jam

Jam making is a vice that creeps up on you unawares.  One minute you’re quite happily purchasing jars of jam from your nearest purveyor of confiture and the next thing you know you’ve got homemade jams, compots and coulis lurking in every available cupboard space; are asking your friends and family to keep empty jars and are handing over jewel like filled jars with warnings such as – “I didn’t get all the stones out I’m afraid,” or “it’s a bit runny.”  Odd the way you never see labels on shop bought jam with that kind of information. 576 more words

and while we're at it...the Monster's Gift...

and while we’re at it, a photo of the Monster’s full sweep taken late yesterday evening from the vantage of the ladies hive hill as we once again helped ourselves to some of the fruits of our labours: another 6 lb of gooseberries (red and green), rhubarb, bunching salad onions and some beetroot…we’ll spend a lot of evenings over the coming weeks distributing the harvest across family, friends and colleagues, whilst jamming the fruits and preserving the beets, and hopefully making some chutneys… 28 more words

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