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A Little Mother's Day Inspiration - Gift Idea!

I guess this post is better late then never!

Every year my mother always tells me to “save my money” and not buy her anything for Mother’s Day! 689 more words


President's Day Sales

Any holiday is reason enough to have a SALE at most thrift stores

February 16, 2015 President’s Day

St. Vincent de Paul $ 2.80

Everything Half Off! 348 more words

Second Hand Shopping

2. Preserving an Autumn Harvest: Victoria Plum Jam

One Saturday last October, a whole two kilograms of Victoria Plums were plonked into the reduced section of greengrocers I worked in. Now, anyone who’s worked in a greengrocers will know how people go nuts for what is considered the Chanel of plums. 367 more words


Plum Loco

I hope you had a great Christmas, I can scarcely believe that we are already in to the new year! But even now I can’t take much of a break. 408 more words

Time for another blog

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I blogged. But it is, so there you are.

Feeling quite low at the moment. I have a chest infection and mild pleurisy. 405 more words


E-book Vintage Cover Design

If you like cakes, you may visit SweetLaab page with photos and recipes

Berry picking.

A few months ago now me and my boyfriend went berry picking on the common near where I live.
Now we were mostly out to get blackberries because they were in season but we also stumbled across some elderberries and some sloes. 69 more words