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A Good Thermometer is Hard to Find

One of my main frustrations with cooking with sugar, whether it be jam or fondant for the bees, is the inconsistency of the texture of the final product.   596 more words

Lazer Creek Apiary

Glorious Gooseberries

One of my favourite fruits in the whole wide world, is the gooseberry, and little did I know when we moved here that we were, in fact, moving to a gooseberry Valhalla. 819 more words


First harvest ever!!!

Maria and I stopped at the farm for just a bit on our Smokey and the Bandit run to Illinois and back. When we were there Maria noticed that the blackberries were starting to ripen. 199 more words


Triple Berry Jam

Ahhh a day off, watching one of my favorite shows, America’s Test Kitchen, they were making Classic Strawberry Jam and Bread and Butter Pickles. I have never made jam or really canned before, but it looked interesting… I CAN DO THAT. 2,281 more words

Blueberry Jam

We picked blueberries this week. Brentlee ate just as many as he dropped in the bag.  The jam pot was full. And so is the freezer. 41 more words


Strawberry Fields Forever!

I’m enjoying my favorite season of the year! It is strawberry season in Germany! I love to get up in the morning and take my bicycle to drive to the strawberry fields and pick some fresh fruits while the dew is still on the green leaves. 191 more words


Jan the Champion Jam Maker

My friend Jan won a first prize for her Davidson Plum jam at the Show this year so for her birthday I gave her a jam making pot with a swinging handle and a pouring lip. 80 more words