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Bid Board Finds #9

With school coming to a close, I went to the card shop near school on a Saturday to attack the bid board. I put a good $30 worth of bids with only 2 hours until it closed. 229 more words

Bid Board Finds

Reliving the Madness

Ten years ago, I found myself on the couch watching the end of an early season NBA game between the Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers.  I had no stock in the game whatsoever.   462 more words


Riggin’ for Wiggins...Sorry for Jabari? Failing at Failure: Tanking’s Spankings

The NBA isn’t a Batman film, the darkest doesn’t always come before the dawn; sometimes, it just stays dark, really dark, for years. Sports owners and executives should know tanking isn’t a viable method to rebuilding. 1,261 more words


Jazz make it official, sign Diante Garrett to replace Jamaal Tinsley

We told you yesterday when the news broke that Utah was cutting lose Jamaal Tinsley that the Jazz could turn to the D-League for his replacement. 145 more words

Oklahoma City Thunder

Utah Jazz waive veteran point guard Jamaal Tinsley

The Utah Jazz brought in veteran point guard Jamaal Tinsley to provide a little stability with rookie Trey Burke out with an injured finger. At least that was the plan. 223 more words

Utah Jazz

The Ship Be Sinking: Utah Jazz Dumpster Fire

As the 1981-82 New York Knicks season began to unravel in the spectacular fashion that only a New York franchise can, Micheal Ray Richardson uttered the phrase “The ship be sinking.”  Eventually Micheal Ray, affectionately and appropriately nicknamed Sugar, snorted and freebased himself and his ship right out of the league, but not before giving one of the best quotes in league history.   1,959 more words