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The Journey of Life, Pace Yourself

The journey of life is better experienced if you pace yourself.

If you choose to go too fast, go after the high life, live in the realms of vanity, you will fizzle fairly quickly. 160 more words

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Escape with Salsa Dancing

Many couples go salsa dancing every weekend. Some believe it keeps them in touch with their Cuban heritage and friends, while being far from family or home. 147 more words

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Easter time in Jamaica

As I have previously stated Jamaica is a very religious country.  It is a paradox in sexuality and faith.  It is a paradox in modesty and nudity.   1,589 more words

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Affirm others with Positive words

Sometimes all we need is a gentle reminder that we are special.

Hearing or being told of the good things about us, does a world of good for a person’s character and their self-esteem. 125 more words

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Election Time Again

While the US is feeling the Bern, lamenting Trump, grossed out by Cruz and defending/demonizing Hillz, Jamaica is in the midst of it’s own election frenzy! 891 more words

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Correction: "Long", not "taal"

A few weeks ago, I was having a conversation with someone I work with. I was trying to help her to remember someone and so, I said, “ 340 more words


WTF Friday: luk out nuh!

Throughout my service as I’ve become acquainted with the culture of Jamaica, there have been many moments that make me think, “huh, that’s weird.” Those moments help me discover the ways that Jamaican culture differs from my own and usually serve as inspiration for my blog posts. 145 more words

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