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Poem: I Could Have Been

I could have been so many things in my brief lifetime,

A singer on the church choir or leading a life of crime.

I could have been a drug dealing, wifi stealing, ganja smoking panty dropper, 189 more words


Rain ah go fall: How the Weather Rules My World

“Poun’ ah fret cyaan pay ownse ah dett” – Jamaican proverb

Translation: One pound of fretting cannot repay one ounce of debts

Explanation: Problems are not solved by worrying. 896 more words

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Sell yuh sinting nuh! A day at the Brown's Town Market

“Money mi a look fuh, come buy mi sinting nuh!” “Come bruk mi ducks my gal!” “Right inna yuh bag!” “Suga pine, suga pine mi a sell!” 1,592 more words

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Patwa... ina skuul!

Let me start by sharing an experience that Shyrel-Ann Dean, a teacher in Jamaica had, as shared with me last semester in a lecture:

‘Mis, mi kyahn go baachuum?’ said Chris. 1,011 more words


"A Proper Backsiding" - Child Abuse Or a Cure For Disobedience?

A “backsiding” is a term often used, especially in rural Jamaica, to describe a spanking. This spanking is usually very thorough and is of an intensity proportional to the offense. 328 more words


Visit Jamaica: Trelawny & St. Ann Coast in a day

My mom and step-dad recently visited Jamaica as part of a Caribbean cruise. Their boat docked in Falmouth, which is the capital of Trelawny – the parish where I live. 1,071 more words

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It's not what you say: a lesson in Jamaican non-verbal communication

Have you ever had a conversation that has nothing to do with the words being spoken? Did you know that a simple, “Long time mi nuh see yuh! 799 more words

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