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Men Are Emotionally Inferior To Women.

*** The following was written by the author of “Black Passenger, Yellow Cab”, it does not reflect the view of 18 Karat Reggae. It was in response to why more men commit suicide than women when relationships go bad.*** 226 more words


Jamaican Men Love Fat Women.

I am not sure where it started or who started it but there have always been these rumors going around that Jamaican men love fat women. 445 more words

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The Jamaican Catcall! Now comes with head bashing action grip

I’ve got a few friends who live to call me  a modern day feminist because of my stance on certain gender issues. More than likely, those same persons will engage me in a lengthy round table like discussion about this post once it’s up or even scream “sensationalism!”. 642 more words

Jamaican Relationships: Monogamy and the Game

By now, I have learnt that I am old fashioned; when it comes to relationships, love and such things. Just because I am seeing someone, I don’t believe they are exclusively mine, nor claim ownership of them. 249 more words

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Jamaican Relationships: Try a little Tenderness (Every woman wants tenderness)

This is a brief insight into a woman’s mind.

Men, every woman want tenderness.

No matter what a female/woman says or even how she acts, she wants tenderness. 453 more words

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Jamaican Relationships: Relationships and Respect

Respect is as important as love, in a relationship; upon which all our actions are based. The foundation will begin to crumble and destroy the entire structure of any relation if… 192 more words

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Jamaican Relationships: Women Here Are 37 Things That Can Mess up Your Sex Life

Ugh. It’s happened. The husband and I have turned into a married people cliché with sex having to be scheduled like it’s a doctor’s visit. With two kids and two careers there’s little time, or energy, left in the day; it’s just the way it’s got to be.  1,188 more words

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