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Chapter 5.4 (Sabra)

Chapter 5.4

“So, you lost the suit?” Hisae asked, her face lit blinkingly by dance light strobes. “Sabra, that sucks, I’m sorry.”

Sitting opposite Hisae and Jamar, Sabra shrugged. 3,191 more words


Chapter 2.10 (Sabra)

Chapter 10

Sabra stacks shelves.

Splendid Sabra stacks shelves.

Stunning Sabra stacks shelves solidly.

Shockingly spectacular Sabra stacks shelves stupefiedly.

Sabra paused mid-movement, halfway between taking a carton of milk from its crate and setting it in the fridge. 1,325 more words


Chapter 2.1 (Sabra)



Sabra ran. Only when she had left the commotion of the bank far behind her, when she had slipped back into the familiar streets of West End, did Sabra allow herself time to think. 2,051 more words


Chapter 1.8

Chapter 8

Often times, Sabra spent her Friday nights out and around Paradigm City, although in a more traditional sense of dress than her battleplate, and in pursuit of lights, drinks and music as opposed to gunmen. 1,885 more words


Chapter 1.5

Chapter 5

“And Kasembe lands an easy three-pointer from downtown!”

For Sabra, it was simple enough to put a ball through a basketball hoop, no matter the distance. 1,849 more words


A Conflict

“I’m just saying that it’s pointless.” Ariana stood with her hands on her hips, staring at her sweating husband.

“How is it pointless?” He said, a drop of annoyance making its way into his voice. 895 more words

Everyday Life