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目前最新的優惠是今天剛推出的情人節活動,消費滿399元即折扣200元,還可以免消費就參加抽獎拿Play Station的VR活動,此活動只到8月31日,詳見honestbee臉書粉絲專頁。

筆者之前參加滿300元折扣200元,點了目前分店只有台北、台中有的Jamba Juice。Jamba Juice來自美國California的一個小地方Emeryville,一杯Lemon Pineapple Chill小杯(12oz)150元,一杯Lemon Berry Breeze小杯(12oz)150元,非常昂貴,不是筆者的月收入可以負擔的飲料消費,所幸就利用honestbee提供的優惠,和同事一人一杯嘗新鮮,一人只花50元,就可以喝到原價一杯150元的Jamba Juice,而且完全不需出辦公室,專人外送至你指定的地點。


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What she liked most about her mother was that she wasn’t maternal. Not in the conventional “I’m slightly overweight and I’m going to bake you cookies on the regular” way. 1,304 more words

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  • I got to bond with Ms. Joy because (as promised) I shared movies and series with her, as well as to Ms. Irene and Ms. Rhea.
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