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From Manchester to Home

Did you know that you can get Cheesecake Factory to go and then decadently eat it in your bed at a four-star hotel? I didn’t until I did. 1,827 more words


No man is an island 

  • I got to bond with Ms. Joy because (as promised) I shared movies and series with her, as well as to Ms. Irene and Ms. Rhea.
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Feels Like Home

Adulting #1.

Dear Mom & Padre, “Today I did my first 12hr shift post-graduation sick as a dog, but hey this is my life now. I rewarded myself with some Jamba Juice and tomorrow I plan on buying a swiffer and trash can on my way home .” Glamorous, I know, folks.


7 Easy Everyday Drinks That Fight Inflammation

Are you suffering from inflammation all the time? Don’t take it lightly. Depending on which part of your body is affected, this problem could end up fatal. 224 more words

Laced Lifestyle

Cleanse or Bust?!

For as much as I drink green juice and the like, I’ve never done a cleanse. So after all the brunching I’ve been doing lately, I was ready to take on this one day cleanse challenge. 512 more words

Free Jamba Juice Smoothie | Birthday Club

Get a FREE Smoothie on your birthday when you join the Jamba Juice Insider Rewards Program. You’ll also get $3 off your purchase during your next visit. Find locations.


Jamba Juice Quits Brentwood

The little strip mall on the corner of Montana and San Vicente in Brentwood seems to have run into a spot of trouble…  A while ago, diminutive coffee shop… 48 more words