Tags » James 1:27

Pure Religion

James says that if we can’t keep a tight rein on our tongues, our religion is worthless. He then describes the kind of religion that pleases our Heavenly Father. 231 more words

To keep ourself unspotted

This life shall throw at us all sorts of fragrances that shall seek to perfume us. Some, with the beautiful aroma of glory; others too with the foul fragrance of past trials and temptations. 341 more words

Exegesis Of Light

Hope for All Seasons; Friends for All Time

Is it fair to have a three-point “message” this morning? I probably shouldn’t,
but there are three ideas burning a hole in my brain: 1. Please extend yourself in love to widows… 639 more words

Encouragements For Living

Why Me?

Yesterday was a total “why me?” day. Over the last few days it has been more and more in our face that we are literally living our dream. 1,170 more words

TD Tonight - V4V Debrief - What Now?

Hey TD!

We’re looking forward to debriefing  our V4V experience together, sharing what we’ve learned, what we’re learning, and what that means for the future – yours, TD’s, MBCLA’s …and vulnerable children.   47 more words

Nutrition and HIV

As many of you know we have a sweet young girl named Robai coming to live with us who is HIV positive. Since I know very little about HIV I’ve been doing some research on the topic. 604 more words

Oil On My Plate: 3 Ways Caring for the Fatherless is Near God's Heart

It had been a stressful morning at the orphanage—like most that school year. One of the children was doing her best to make life miserable for everyone around her. 1,163 more words