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Knoxville 1915 and 2016

I first read James Agee’s “Knoxville: Summer 1915” in high school, and was blown away. I don’t know why I was reading it–in an anthology or the prelude to a novel I had no intention of consuming beyond the Cliff Notes. 658 more words

Road Trip!

Album Review: Robbie Fulks - 'Upland Stories'

One never knows quite what to expect from the eclectic singer-songwriter Robbie Fulks – or whether he is taking his own music entirely seriously. But in his 50s he seems to have found a new seriousness and an artistic maturity which cannot be ignored. 533 more words

Album Reviews

Album Review - Robbie Fulks' 'Upland Stories'

With 13 albums in 20 years, Robbie Fulks is a singer and songwriter who deserves a large audience. Now over 50 years old, Fulks is a songwriter with life experience and wisdom to offer through his music, which is how many will perceive his newest album  914 more words


Assignment 2: Two Fortunate Men

The Brief

The objective of assignment 2, “Visa Versa” is to create a themed body of work that mixes portraits taken outside on location (street) and inside (studio). 1,856 more words


Assignment 2 Research: Let Us Now Praise Famous Men

It is rare for photographs to be published in total isolation from text whether it be hashtags, blogs, captions, cutlines, essays, artist statements, articles, news stories, words inside the frame or in books; the relationship between words and pictures is a subject in its own right which I will return to later but regardless of how text and photographs come together and whether they collaborate in equal or unequal partnerships each medium always changes the nature of the other. 3,234 more words

Research & Reflection

A Death in the Family by James Agee

In the summer of 1915, Jay Follet leaves home to visit his father who he is told by his brother is dying. However, on arriving he finds the opposite to be true, and as Jay is on his way  home later that evening, he gets in a car accident and dies, leaving his wife Mary and their two kids Rufus and Catherine to cope with his passing. 429 more words

Book Reviews

On James Agee

I believe that Let Us Now Praise Famous Men deserves to be read and read again.

If we are living in the age of “no future” and “there is no alternative” I can think of no better book to present the human face of poverty, despair and “no future” than James Agee’s book. 36 more words