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A Letter to My Professor

Dear Bob,

You have probably seen this New York Times column already, but I wanted you to know that even 30 years later, when I ask myself Frank Bruni’s question, “What’s the most transformative educational experience you’ve had?” I think of your freshman seminar. 672 more words


Thoughts on James Agee's A Death in the Family (by Bethany)

A while ago, I posted about something called the Countdown to Concision challenge. For the first year and a half we had this blog, my posts typically ran in the 3500-4000-word range, and I wanted to coax myself to get to my points more quickly. 1,943 more words

Fiction - General

Go all yoga on me, dude!

Every week, I add a post inspired by either music or books.

For books, I use my personal library. What I write can be a reflection on the book, how I got it, what I found inside the book, or flash fiction inspired by something I read on either page 2015, 215, or 15. 909 more words

Flash Fiction

Irrealis Mood

The part I’m caught on is “instantly.” This is a platitude, yet somehow carries a weight of authority. Instantly–we accept it, and its comforting implications. That there was no time to react. 375 more words

A Musical Interlude

With Chanucah starting tonight, it’s time to take a break from wars, terrorism and election politics and devote some time to those things which make life bearable – music, literature, things like that… 1,238 more words


"Both a Scientist and an Artist"

Note: If you are looking for a post about Leonardo da Vinci, a man known for being a scientist and an artists among other things, you can find one… 401 more words


“Isn’t every human being both a scientist and an artist, and in writing of human experience, isn’t there a good deal to be said for recognizing that fact and for using both methods?”  – James Agee