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Pai By Night, Thai Market in Lights

Thailand is good for your health. Everything is so chilled here, whole days can pass by with no negativity. Bumping into people in the street is a novelty I havn’t had since early university. 80 more words



I dropped back into Chiang Mai for a few days to renew my visa. Turns out the office isn’t open on a Bhuddist Holiday, so I took the opportunity to visit some elephants. 264 more words


Miscellaneous in Pictures

I sneezed four times in a row yesterday. I’ve never done that before.

I think it’s fair to say I’m sick. It’s not malaria, denge, cholera or rabies, so it’s probably just a cold. 56 more words


Visit Pai!

Heaven on Earth. Not quite, but Pai is extremely good value. Here are some facts about Pai, and why you should visit:

The Climate: 30 degrees with low humidity. 309 more words


Pai Society

I appear to have recovered from my Indian PTSD, after few days locked in a hotel room my eyelid has stopped twitching. My poker face is also slipping, as not everyone here sees me as an ATM, a target or a curious zoo exhibit. 191 more words


Thai Society

The year was 1954, and a large plaster Bhudda statue was being moved to a new temple after it’s current site was purchased by a western corporation. 410 more words