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It’s been a fine road, a long road, and a road worth travelling. But it must come to an end.

There is no more east from Japan. 549 more words


Kyoto and Osaka in Pictures

It’s been a long trip, and my feet hurt. I have spent my last few days in Kyoto and Osaka, soaking up some Japanese culture. 58 more words


I left my toothbrush on Mount Fuji

Tokyo was really claustrophobic, so I escaped a day early and took a train into the mountains. I’m glad I did, as I got this 5am shot of Mount Fuji. 194 more words


Exploring Tokyo

A picture says a thousand words. Tokyo is another Asian beehive. The Shinjuku and Shibuya districts are wall to wall with people. There are a few gems tucked around the city though. 536 more words


All Trains Track to Tokyo

I forgot my receipt when I left my hotel this morning. The receptionist chased me down the street to deliver it.

Japanese people are extremely helpful. 191 more words


Japan, my last Adventure´╗┐

The boat from Southern Korea was smooth and fast, crossing the Sea of Japan in just under three hours. It’s my first international crossing on this trip without using an airport. 444 more words


Life in the Monastary

I have spent a few days in the mountains of southern Korea, living at a Bhuddist temple. The monks wake us up at 4am, for chanting, meditation and martial arts practice. 116 more words