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Rise Up! How to combine social activism with film screenings.

So you care about the environment? You might feel like I do, that Climate Change is the biggest issue we face right now. Or maybe you’re fighting for marijuana legalization, reproductive rights, or getting out the youth vote in 2018. 439 more words

'The Human Element' Review: Climate Change is Very Real

In his compelling, unsettling and visually stunning documentary, The Human ElementNational Geographic photographer James Balog shows viewers why we, as a society, can no longer turn a blind eye to the drastically changing world around us. 157 more words

Chasing Ice: Inspirational, Impactful, Admirable

Both of the films I watched these past weeks are beautifully inspiring. I watched Watermark and Chasing Ice. To my surprise I was completely intrigued by the journey of James Balog and his documenting of the glaciers. 265 more words

The Effect of James Balog

In my senior year of high school, I vividly remember watching the documentary “Chasing Ice,” which followed one man and his team tracking the retreat of glaciers through time-lapse photography. 390 more words

James Balog and geologic-scale change

“We are in the midst of geologic-scale change, and we humans are causing it.”

James Balog says this during Chasing Ice, a masterpiece of filmmaking and science. 165 more words


“We still carry this old caveman-imprint idea that we’re small, nature’s big, and it’s everything we can manage to hang on and survive. When big geophysical events happen – a huge earthquake, tsunami, or volcanic eruption – we’re reminded of that.”

— James Balog.

Thought For Today

If you need definitive proof of Anthropogenic Global Warming, this is it

The Extreme Ice Survey (EIS), based in Boulder, Colorado, uses time-lapse photography, conventional photography and video to document the effects of global warming on glacial ice. 187 more words

Climate Change