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Ed Sheeran's Face Was Sliced Open With A Sword (PHOTOS)

Ed Sheeran was recently partying with Princess Beatrice and James Blunt in England. Blunt jokingly asked Her Royal Highness to knight him so she obliged. It was all fun and games as Blunt knelt down and the Princess went to tap him with the sword, but then she accidentally cut Ed Sheeran with her backswing. 104 more words


Was Ed Sheeran's Face Accidentally Gashed by Princess Beatrice?

By Jon Wiederhorn

Photos are circulating of British singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran with a cut on his face. And there are reports that the gash was accidentally inflicted by Princess Beatrice, the second female in line to the throne of Queen Elizabeth II. 126 more words


Chris Evans in hiding as Princess Beatrice vows to stab all famous gingers

Princess Beatrice is to stab and maim all famous gingers with a sword, starting with Chris Evans, the moment she has visited Ed Sheeran in hospital and finished the job she started according to Royal sources. 182 more words


Ed Sheeran's Face Was Sliced By Princess Beatrice In A Comedy Knighting Gone Wrong

When you woke up today, did you get the feeling that pleasant singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran may have been slashed in the face with a sword in a comedy knighting gag gone wrong? 305 more words

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Nevermind Watchdown: S24E04, or ZIGGY PLAAAYEED....Blank.

The unpleasantness train keeps on rolling in Series 24.

Not only is Terry Wogan (not necessarily a favorite of mine) the guest host this evening, but James Blunt, noted enemy of Simon Amstell and…most comedians really, is one of the panelists. 1,233 more words

Nevermind Watchdown

Beautiful things that James Blunt sings about

Let me confess up front- I am a Britney Spears fan. I know every word of every song that she sang before 2004. No, that is a lie. 829 more words