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Alice Through the Looking Glass

Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016)
★ / ★★★★

“Alice Through the Looking Glass,” based on the screenplay by Linda Woolverton and directed by James Bobin, is capable of faking everything else except the most important ingredient in a fantasy picture: real emotions. 427 more words

Well, I'm Certainly Not Going Through Life With One Hand Tied Behind My Back. -- James Dean

On DVD 10/18: Time Voyaging with “Alice Through the Looking Glass”

Alice (Mia Wasikowska), who followed the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole in 2010’s “Alice in Wonderland,” has returned in the sequel “Alice Through the Looking Glass.” While facing personal challenges in the “real world,” Alice is contacted by butterfly Absolem (voice of the late Alan Rickman, to whom the film is dedicated) and returns to help her friends with their troubles. 477 more words

5 Star Film- Excellent

"Alice Through The Looking Glass" offers no competition in embarrassing defeat.

After an original movie that made a very large amount of money in 2010 but offered almost nothing in term of inventive story-telling, it’s no surprise that the inevitable studio cash grab was produced as a middle finger to all those that enjoyed the 1951 Disney cartoon. 737 more words

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Alice: Through the Looking Glass Review

Alice through the Looking Glass managed to feel even more dull, drab, and overall worse than the previous Alice in Wonderland. Even to the point where I cannot remember laughing once throughout the whole film. 476 more words

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There are times when you can’t help thinking that you can have too much of a good thing. Unfortunately this might just be the case with the Muppets, whose film… 778 more words


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We’ve seen a lot of Flight of the Conchords’ Jemaine Clement (arguably the stylistic Ilana to Bret McKenzie’s subtler Abbi) beyond the duo’s performances and former TV show, but Bret McKenzie has been a bit less of a presence in entertainment news. 253 more words


Alice Through the Looking Glass

This review first appeared in the Sunday Star-Times, May 2016

Tim Burton didn’t direct this follow-up to 2010’s Alice in Wonderland (gosh, was it that long ago?) but his producer credit is totally justified, as is his handing over the reins to director James Bobin (who made both Muppet movies and will be delivering the… 270 more words

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