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Goldeneye 007: 20th Anniversary for the Legendary N64 Classic

On August 25th, 1997, Goldeneye 007 launched on the N64 and the very fabric of reality seemed to take notice. This game was a monumental achievement, a first person shooter of remarkable scope and one which delivered a, for the time, near perfect gaming experience. 1,206 more words


Discovering historical and literary celebrities of Korcula Island - Marco Polo and James Bond

A last look at Vis yesterday after breakfast when we go ashore to a cafe in the back streets for coffee. Cafe Biliba is busy with a few tourists but also locals, men having a chat with seemingly no place to be in a hurry. 587 more words


Eunice Gayson

Sylvia Trench has a unique place in the history of the James Bond films. In her off-one-shoulder red dress, the voluptuous Trench coaxes out James Bond’s famous introduction in the first Bond film, Dr No. 17 more words


(Video) Daniel Craig Is Back As James Bond

One of my favorite Bond’s, Daniel Craig is coming back. After being rather non-committal he has finally agreed to return as James Bond. I still seem to watch Spectre over and over. 85 more words


Kick That Story's Ass Charlize, or, Atomic Blonde

Atomic Blonde, director David Leitch’s Cold War spy flick based on Antony Johnson and Sam Hart’s graphic novel The Coldest City, blends the tried and true cinematic espionage of a Bond film with the contemporary sensibilities of 007’s latest action hero progeny. 497 more words

Pony Tricks

8. Lita Roza - (How Much is) That Doggie in the Window?

Here’s one we all know. (How Much is) That Doggie in the Window is more like a timeless nursery rhyme than a chart-topper. It is about as far removed from a 2017 number one as it’s possible to get, but children of every generation since have grown up with it and loved it, including my own young daughters. 325 more words