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So, what is the best Bond film? The results are in!

Following a momentous date to watch SPECTRE at the end of 2015, the Newsome sisters embarked on one of the greatest challenges in the history of cinema. 849 more words

Behind the scenes of that crazy Subaru bobsled run

Not naturally obvious bedfellows, the British and the Swiss seem to have worked well together over the years – the British coming up with crazy Alpine sports that the Swiss then fine-tune like a carefully engineered watch movement, not to mention then making commercially viable. 911 more words


007 - The Island not the Man

Well, this is about my fourth attempt at writing what is proving to be an increasingly difficult blog due to wifi connectivity issues ( a previous completed iteration was lost when the network crashed).   1,252 more words


Goldfinger (1964)

Another re-watch and re-working of an existing Bond review, but before getting huffy about a repeat, just remember: it’s new if you’ve never seen it before, right? 20 more words

Bob's Your Uncle With Pete Wisdom

Marvel has plenty of popular American characters, from Iron Man, to Captain America. But the Marvel Universe is full of awesome characters from different countries as well. 327 more words


Sassy Sexy Daring. Is it James Bond or Donald Trump and Octopussy

Sassy Sexy Daring. Is that James Bond or Donald Trump and Octopussy

Here is our link to great audios and videos of this of Sassy Trump at: 192 more words

Writing Unrepentant Characters

From the Iliad to the western dime novels, there is a long history of anti-heroes or protagonists that behave with only their self interest in mind and lack virtue, morality, or other heroic values. 861 more words

Weird Fiction