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I’m not the most organized person on the planet, not even close. I’ve been having a hard time settling my posts on this blog (or even remembering to update the blog, to be honest) but I’ve got some things in the works for posts. 607 more words

James Bond

Project Bond: Moonraker

This film doesn’t mess around, opening as it does with Bond being abandoned on a doomed plane for some reason, until The Man With The Metal Mouth reappears for some reason and pushes him out, so Bond has to catch up with the chap who abandoned him for some reason (which is possible because of science reasons) and beat him up and take his parachute. 426 more words


Q&A video by Reeve Carney (Dorian Grey @ Penny Dreadful) at Facebook Headquarters

Reeve Carney had one minute to answer quick fan questions @ facebook. The first thing that made me laugh was the moment a phone started to ring… 147 more words

Timothy Dalton

Discover James Bond

Anthony Horowitz, of Alex Ryder, The Power of Five, and Foyle’s War fame, is the new Ian Fleming. The English author is currently writing… 103 more words

Project Updates

fleming and le carre - chapter 4


Ian Fleming, author of all the James Bond novels, did a great disservice to the spying game when he decided to go with James Bond, and the irony is that his brother author, Peter Fleming, knew more about spying than he ever let on. 385 more words

Coffee Run

I worked hard to qualify for this

Prestigious internship at MI6.

I expected beautiful women,

High-stakes missions, and fancy cars,

But all they ever ask me… 147 more words


27 Baby Names that have been BANNED around the world

I came across this  the other day and found it very interesting.  The article outlines a list of Baby Names that have been banned across the world.   171 more words

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