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15 things you may not know about Alfred Hitchcock

35 years after his death and Alfred Hitchcock remains one of the most innovative, influential and iconic film directors of all time.

In the week that his masterpiece, Psycho, celebrates its 55th anniversary, here’s a look at 15 facts that you may not know about the undisputed master of suspense. 1,006 more words


JAMES BOND villain in SPECTRE (part 2)

Even Super Villains need advice.

The last Spectre trailer revealed the secret villain organisation in the film… 9 more words

Dr. No

I’ve seen Dr. No, the first James Bond film, a couple of times before, but not in a long time. I earnestly suffered through many an early Bond film in middle/junior high school, when older action/adventure films were my crack. 671 more words


Mission Impossible review

Yes, it is a summer blockbuster movie, and those tend to be tediously hyper, with endless gun fights, explosions, and special effects. They are also unbelievable, as was the latest Mad Max sequel/remake. 563 more words


Here Is A Look At The First 50-Year-Old "Bond Girl"

Meet Monica Belluci, she is the first 50-year-old woman to be a “Bond Girl.”

Belluci plays a widow that everyone is speculating had a relationship with Bond in the past. 64 more words


Mission: Impossible (1996) Review

It is amazing how different the original Mission: Impossible movie is to the summer blockbuster movies that the franchise offers today. Mission: Impossible is actually a taut, slightly complicated and quite low-key spy thriller and about as far-removed from the outlandish, set-piece focused action movies the series relies on now. 521 more words


Favourite Movie Soundtracks #2 - You Only Live Twice

My favourite Bond soundtrack, a wonderful sweeping orchestral score by John Barry that’s both dramatic and beautiful, it wonderfully captures the beauty of the culture.