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Remember Me When This Pyramid You See

Once upon a time there was a man named James Buchanan. He was President of the United States. Then he died, but that’s not The End. 47 more words


A Selfie Quest for Hotdogs; It's Not There

On a bitter cold day I ventured down to Lancaster County in search of Diggity Dog. My GPS took me to the spot but it wasn’t there. 572 more words

Hot Dog Quest

James Buchanan's most brilliant 400 words

Greatest 400 words you'll read today — "order emerges only from the process of voluntary exchange" James M. Buchanan pic.twitter.com/SXDMiqdPur

— Trent MacDonald (@trentjmacdonald) February 13, 2015

Applied Price Theory

Larry Kudlow: Presidents’ Day Musings

National Review Online: Let me begin with Presidents’ Day. It’s a nice long weekend. But it says nothing about the greatness of certain American presidents. Whatever happened to Washington’s Birthday? 83 more words


Pierce and Buchanan

When Franklin Pierce was elected President, slavery was the top issue of the campaign. The divisive issue destroyed the Whig Party and created the Republican Party in its place. 719 more words


John Kerry for President?

In recent news, Secretary of State John Kerry has said that he has not ruled out a run for the Presidency in 2016.  His last attempt was in… 83 more words

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