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Why Regeneration is Necessary Before Repentance

Taken and adapted from, “THE OFFICE AND WORK OF THE HOLY SPIRIT”
Written by Dr. James Buchanan, Professor, and Minister of High Church, in Edinburgh. 4,478 more words

The Texas Secession

February 1, 1861 – Delegates to the Texas State Convention at Austin voted 166 to 7 to secede from the United States.

Texas became the seventh state to leave the Union. 465 more words


Translations and meanings aren't always settled: Rethinking the definition of kahlalis

First, I want to thank Troy Anderson for pointing me out to Milluk examples of a word I was looking for, kahlalis/qahlalis.

While going through Jim Buchanan’s story of “Night Rainbow” I noticed a Hanis word, kahlalis, that Frachtenberg (who worked with Buchanan in 1913) glossed as ‘subjects, relatives’. 942 more words


Blue and Gray on Labor Day Weekend

Part 1: Gettysburg

We took an impromptu trip on Labor Day weekend 2015 to see some sights in Pennsylvania, starting with Gettysburg. Our main reason for visiting (because, remember, we are not normal) was to see Eisenhower’s home, which is part of the national park. 645 more words


Statehood for Bleeding Kansas

January 29, 1861 – President James Buchanan signed the Kansas Statehood Act into law, admitting Kansas into the Union as the 34th state.

In 1854, the people of Kansas had been authorized to decide for themselves whether or not to allow slavery. 282 more words


The War This Week: Jan 8-14, 1861

Tuesday, January 8

Interior Secretary Jacob Thompson of Mississippi resigned from President James Buchanan’s cabinet.

Buchanan submitted a special message to Congress.

Officials began arranging an election of delegates to a Texas secession convention after Governor Sam Houston refused to convene the legislature to consider the issue. 1,114 more words

Abraham Lincoln

The War This Week: Jan 1-7, 1861

Tuesday, January 1

The annual New Year’s Day reception took place at the White House amidst tension over whether North and South would remain united. 1,216 more words

Abraham Lincoln