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Mexican-American War 170th: U.S. Congress Declares War

As the crow flew, about 1,000 miles separated Zachary Taylor’s forces along the Rio Grande and Washington, D.C.

Waiting for word in Washington City, President James Polk grew impatient. 1,009 more words


39, 38, 37: James Buchanan, Franklin Pierce, and Millard Fillmore

I suppose it is not correct to blame the onset of the Civil War on the presidents directly preceding it. A more convincing case can be made that the Civil War was made inevitable by the Dred Scott decision, John Brown’s unsuccessful raid on Harper’s Ferry, the Kansas-Nebraska Act, the expansion of the United States into the West, the war with Mexico, or even the founding of the country itself. 1,147 more words


A Note on the Econometric Evaluation of Presidents

Sometimes, I feel that some authors simply evolve separately from all those who might be critical of their opinions. I feel that this hurts the discipline of economics since it is better to confront potentially discomforting opinions. 332 more words


Lost and Found - April 23rd Edition

What to remember about April 23rd…

  • 1564  English poet and dramatist William Shakespeare is born in Stratford-on-Avon (traditional); dies on same date in 1616
  • 1778  John Paul Jones leads 30 volunteers from USS…
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The Work of the Spirit in Convincing the Conscience

Taken and adapted from, “The Office and Work of the Holy Spirit”
Written by, James Buchanan

IT is part of the Spirit’s work to convince the soul of its sinfulness. 14,624 more words

For My Zilsel Friends, Gordon Tullock and Public Choice: The Dissenter as Gadfly

I. Gordon Tullock and Joseph Agassi- A Brief Digression.  

In the course of talking with Joseph on the first day of my questioning of him, I mentioned Gordon Tullock. 1,048 more words

History Of Economic Thought

Glampground Reviews:  Ye Olde Mill Family Campground and Historic Grist Mill, Burnt Cabins, PA

Ahh, April camping!

The sun is still low on the horizon, the mornings are brisk, frost covers the windows of our tow vehicle, and the mostly empty campgrounds give us freedom to roam far and wide. 564 more words

Glampground Reviews