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Scholla: President Buchanan's Dancing Master

President Buchanan’s Dancing Master

When a troupe of French dancers, known as the Marteen dancers, suggested to Frank Stouch a native of Stouchsburg, Berks County, that he could achieve fame in Paris, the Berks lad replied that he would prefer to “become famous in Berks County first.” This took place during the middle of the last century, when Frank Stouch was astonishing Philadelphia theatre goers with the nimble steps which he had learned in the square dances in Berks County barns. 443 more words


Around The Round Table

To-day’s guests : James Buchanan Abraham Lincoln Andrew Johnson and Betty White  To-day’s topic will be : The match stick and the future

Betty White

The mysterious "National Hotel disease": environmental disaster or assassination attempt?

About this time of year more than 150 years ago, in early January 1857, guests and political dignitaries began to descend upon Washington, D.C. in anticipation of the inauguration of the new President, James Buchanan. 802 more words



June 1st in history:

Kentucky became the 15th state in the Union on June 1st, 1792. It took four more years before a 16th star was put on the flag – for Tennessee, admitted on June 1st, 1796. 117 more words

Today In History

Adam's Fun Facts: Duke University, Pedialyte, Hillary Clinton & More

Do People still marry their first cousins?  What city in the US is bigger than New Jersey?  What University is named after the creator of the cigarette?  101 more words


Tales from the Great and Glorious Pig War of 1859

History is replete with stories of wars that were fought over the love of a woman, the quest for power, and ideological differences. In 1859 two of the world’s greatest military powers prepared for battle over a pig. 499 more words