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Don't put Donald Trump on the list

Columnist Gail Collins needn’t have bothered herself (Lancaster News Paper-LNP, 2/21/17) wondering if Donald Trump will do such a terrible job as president that historians will place him at the very bottom of the presidential rankings, thus moving Lancaster  PA’s favorite son, James Buchanan, out of the basement he’s occupied for so long. 101 more words

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Flash Mystery of the Week ... Solution!

The 15 Solution

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Last Wednesday, February 15, we presented the Flash Mystery of the Week. And then – apologies – life got in the way and I couldn’t get the solution posted. 148 more words

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The Constitution: Article Five

Article Five is unique because it only has one section.  It also has only one job: To explain how we can alter the constitution.

To change the constitution to suit the evolving needs of its citizenship, Congress can pass Amendments.   502 more words


“One after another they have closed the heavy doors upon him…” The Dred Scott Decision

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

Another article from one of my Civil War texts, this one dealing with the infamous Dred Scott decision. That decision, made by a Southern dominated, Supreme Court, members of whom included number of slave owners, done in collusion with President Elect James Buchanan, declared that African Americans had no right to citizenship, thus no protection under the law, no-matter where they lived. 2,101 more words


Donald Trump 'Like The Fat, Orange Zoella Of Politics'

Following the eye-catching resignation of his National Security Advisor, Donald Trump has been praised as a perfect president for the social media generation by political analysts this morning. 314 more words


Who Was America's Worst President?

I don’t know why I thought of this on Inauguration Day. I was following my usual morning routine of drinking coffee, reading news on my iPad and procrastinating about walking the dog. 781 more words

GUEST POST: "This is Fucking Awesome" (by the ghost of President James Buchanan)

As of noon Eastern Time today, Donald Trump has officially become the 45th President of the United States.  I’ve invited the ghost of James Buchanan—widely regarded by historians as the worst-ever U.S. 571 more words

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