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What happened to our dreams of freedom?

The Trap: F*** You, Buddy

Adam Curtis makes documentaries for the British Broadcasting Corporation that are remarkable for revealing hidden connections and bringing out the unexpected consequences of ideas.  786 more words


Presidential Experience: Two Pickings from the Historical Grapevine

Ryan S. Walters | @ryanswalters73

As I wrote on Tuesday, I can find no correlation between experience and a successful presidency.

So let’s take a closer peek at two rather obscure examples from presidential history. 1,010 more words


Little Rock Look Back: James Buchanan

On April 23, 1791, future President James Buchanan was born in Pennsylvania.  Prior to becoming President, he served as a congressman, a senator and a diplomat.   184 more words


Lost and Found - April 23rd Edition

What to remember about April 23rd…

  • 1564  English poet and dramatist William Shakespeare is born in Stratford-on-Avon (traditional); dies on same date in 1616
  • 1778  John Paul Jones leads 30 volunteers from USS…
  • 122 more words

REVIEW: "Hard Fall" by James Buchanan


Deputy Joe Peterson is Mormon and in the closet. Then ex-con Kabe Varghese lands in town on parole. When a tourist falls off the mountain, Joe finds he needs the help of this cliff climbing adrenaline junky to solve the case. 397 more words


A Queer Year #33 - James Buchanan

James Buchanan (politician)

born 1791 in the US
died 1868

James Buchanan is remembered by most as the worst president the US ever had. He was the 15th president and the only one from Pennsylvania. 226 more words


American Scoundress

Her story has already been lived, yet, like so many others, remains left to be written–in full, at least–let alone read.

Teresa Sickles: raised in the home of Lorenzo Da Ponte, who wrote librettos for Mozart; wife of the American scoundrel, Dan Sickles; mother of Laura; apple of President James Buchanan’s wandering eye, ephemeral belle of Washington D.C.; ill-fated lover of Phillip Barton Key; consummate survivor; and long-lost relative of mine. 43 more words