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No doubt some bureaucrats are trying to bring Trump down. Why would that surprise you?

There’s speculation that a conspiracy exists in the U.S. intelligence agencies — more commonly called the Deep State — that is undermining the government of President Donald Trump. 721 more words

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The Preparedness of the Union and Confederacy

At the outset of the Civil War, the discrepancies between the Union and Confederate armies were evident. Despite their differences in background and appearance, both sides were poised to not only revolutionize the American method of warfare but also to change life for civilians throughout the country. 1,177 more words

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"President James Buchanan" by Philip S. Klein

President James Buchanan

Author: Philip S. Klein

Published:  1962

Much like Martin Van Buren or Millard Fillmore, Buchanan was a politician through and through, although his ambitions are more clearly defined due to the strategies he used being a conscious reflection of those winning recipes by his predecessors. 2,241 more words

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Public choice and market failure: Jeffrey Friedman on Nancy MacLean

Jeffrey Friedman has a well-argued piece on interpreting public choice in the wake of Nancy MacLean’s conspiratorial critique of one of its founding theorists, James Buchanan. 941 more words


James Buchanan: Surprisingly, Politicians Are Humans

With a simple discussion on how stuff gets done in the political arena, it is easy to understand why it’s so hard to achieve the intended outcomes of that “stuff.” Everything is riddled with side-deals, loopholes, and compromises that detract or cause larger problems than the one(s) they are trying to solve. 1,398 more words


How Did Nancy MacLean Miss Calvinism?

The Duke historian’s book, Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America has generated lots of attention and the debate appears to be one more indication of how much the United States resembles Turkey. 572 more words

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