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January 8, 1861

Author of the compromise bill that might have avoided a civil war – but at great cost – John J. Crittenden spoke on behalf of the compromise.  346 more words

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January 3, 1861

Senator Crittenden, in a last-ditch effort to save his compromise plan that had been refused by the Senate, proposes that it be submitted to a public referendum.  447 more words

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The Presidential Knife Fight Hypothetical

It’s the end of 2017, folks.  Time to stop worrying about the minor stuff, and to start thinking about big-picture issues — like whether Donald Trump or, say, Chester A. 443 more words


December 29, 1860

President Buchanan received the commissioners of the state of South Carolina, but as “private gentlemen” as opposed to commissioners of a sovereign power.  The commissioners ceclared they needed to have redress for the moving of Anderson’s force before entering upon negotiations.  383 more words

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Does Economic Theory Entail or Support Free-Market Ideology?

A few weeks ago, via Twitter, Beatrice Cherrier solicited responses to this query from Dina Pomeranz

Dina D. Pomeranz @DinaPomeranz

Replying to @ProfNoto

Serious question I have recently been wondering about: to what degree does economics of past decades bear some responsibility for Republicans’ market-ideological beliefs today?…

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James Buchanan: Surprisingly, Politicians Are Humans

With a simple discussion on how stuff gets done in the political arena, it is easy to understand why it’s so hard to achieve the intended outcomes of that “stuff.” Everything is riddled with side-deals, loopholes, and compromises that detract or cause larger problems than the one(s) they are trying to solve. 1,440 more words


December 5, 1860

In Springfield, Abraham Lincoln reads President Buchanan’s State of the Union and displeased that Buchanan continues to blame the north for secession.  He also cannot fail to notice that, although Buchanan has stated he opposes secession, he has presented no barrier to southern efforts in that direction. 108 more words

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