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Maxwell's Demon: How to defeat entropy

If you’ve ever studied the topic of energy at school, you might have heard of “entropy”. It’s basically another name for disorder in the universe. For example if you mix milk in your tea, no matter how hard you try you can’t get all of it out. 242 more words


Momentele Creaţiei: James Clerk Maxwell

Albert Einstein a spus că James Clerk Maxwell a adus contribuții în fizică mai mari decât orice om de știință, afară de Isaac Newton.

Maxwell a dezvoltat explicații teoretice și matematice complexe pentru toate forțele din univers, cu excepția gravitației și a forțelor nucleare. 191 more words

Şcoala De Apologetică

照亮相對論的光 (上)

我在《光的祕密》文中討論了電磁學的發展,以及馬克士威方程如何預言電磁波的存在。但是在 19 世紀末的物理學界仍然存在好幾片烏雲,而且正不斷擴大。其中一片就是牛頓力學與電磁學的結論互相抵觸。

相對性原理 (principle of relativity) 其實並非愛因斯坦所發現的。人類似乎很早就知道 (卻沒有去追問為甚麼,彷彿一切都是必然的) 我們能在行駛中的船上以在地上一樣的力度和角度打桌球、廚師能以在地上一樣的技巧將薄餅拋來拋去、而你也能夠在正以時速 900 公里飛行的飛機上從容不迫地與在地面上一樣做相同的動作。看來,我們習慣所有東西都是理所當然的。懷海德 (Alfred North Whitehead) 說

“It requires a very unusual mind to undertake the analysis of the obvious.”

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Did you Know...The First Color Photo

Did you know…

…that James Clerk Maxwell, a Scottish physicist, is credited for creating the first color photograph back in 1861. He photographed a tartan ribbon three times, using a red, blue and yellow filter, and combined the three images into the final color composite. 51 more words


Christianity and the Development of Science: Part 1 – A General Discussion


Warfare and conflict are often what come to mind when thinking about the relationship between science and religion. Some of the best known examples are arguably (Gould) the flat earth, the church’s resistance to Galileo and his heliocentric system, Darwinian evolution, and the Scope’s trial in Dayton, Tennessee. 2,155 more words

Philosophical And Historical Perspectives

The great mystery of the incarnation

How can we make sense of the event that so many people around the world are celebrating today? In today’s post, Revd Dr Rodney Holder explores the deep significance of Christ’s birth. 1,217 more words

Rodney Holder

Black & White vs. Colour

Both Black & White and colour photography have remarkable effects in the world and changes the view of what a photographer captures.  Black & White photography has been in existence since the 1800s when… 1,106 more words