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Some More Mathematics Stuff To Read

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And some more reasy reading, because, why not?

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Michael Faraday: Father of Electronics by Charles Ludwig

Even though this is supposedly a “juvenile” book, it is well worth reading by anyone interested in the history of technology.

Michael Faraday has an undisputed place in the study of electricity. 80 more words


Einstein Explains How a Dim Light Can Release More Energy Than a Bright One

In this installment on the history of atom theory, physics professor (and my dad) Dean Zollman discusses Albert Einstein’s explanation of why a light’s color matters more than its brightness in increasing kinetic energy from electrons ejected from atoms. 2,082 more words

History Of Science

Salute to the Father of Colour Photography for the 150th Anniversary of James Clerk Maxwell's theory of electromagnetism

In advance of the forthcoming Luci Association conference on urban lighting event Glasgow City Under a Microscope, running November 11 to 15, 2015, Wildopeneye blog is taking this opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the enormous contribution to our lives made by the C19th Scottish Scientist, James Clerk Maxwell with the publication of his theory of electromagnetism 150 years ago.  319 more words

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Worshipping Zombies

Those that conform to Gladwell’s
Laws of 10,000 and 20,000
That so to harbor subconscious competencies
To the point my understanding them high-praise worthied… 40 more words

Talento innato para las Matemáticas

Por: Werni Romero Guerrero

Así como Virgilio ayudó a Dante a cruzar el infierno, Oliver Heaviside ayudó a la Ciencia a comprender un fenómeno de manera divina. 712 more words

Siglo XIX

T. H. Huxley, James Clerk Maxwell, and the divorce of science from religion

A review of “Huxley’s Church and Maxwell’s Demon:
from theistic science to naturalistic science”,
by Matthew Stanley of New York University,
University of Chicago Press, 2014…
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