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Star Trek: The Next Generation – Birthright, Part I [6.16]

Worf hears a rumor that his father, long-thought dead, is actually alive in a Romulan prison camp.  He finds his way there, but instead discovers that his father is dead and that the Klingons seem to be willing prisoners who turn Worf in to their captors.  1,260 more words

Star Trek Franchise

The Longest Yard

I’m going to regret writing/sharing this but I have to say it anyway. The Longest Yard is my favorite movie. Maybe it’s not as artful as The Fall or as well curated as Layer Cake or measure up even adequately in/to a whole slew of other cinematic categories but it makes me happy. 719 more words

Big Hero 6 (2014)

I have the Oscars to thank for seeing Big Hero 6 – if it weren’t nominated for Best Animated Film, I probably would not have rushed to see it. 496 more words

Film Review

Big Hero 6 - Touching

Story, story, story. It’s not really rocket science to understand that the foundation of any enjoyable cinematic experience lies with such a fundamental thing. John Lasseter… 558 more words


Why, robot, why? A technophobic Will Smith investigates mechanical murder in 2004’s frustrating ‘I, Robot’

By Matthew E. Milliken
Feb. 4, 2015

When the science fiction action film I, Robot was released in 2004, it received reviews that I remember as being tepid at best. 1,197 more words


TVLine Items: Dillahunt to Brooklyn, Cromwell Catches Fire and More

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is really Raising the stakes with its latest casting.

Garret Dillahunt, who starred for four seasons on Fox’s Raising Hope, is 211 more words


AMC's 'Halt & Catch Fire' Adds James Cromwell

EXCLUSIVE: There’s about to be a new major player on the 1980s set series about the early days of the computer industry. Having played Presidents, fictional and real, a Nazi war criminal, royalty and a pig farmer, James Cromwell is now joining Season 2 of… 236 more words

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