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Big Hero 6

One of the many reasons Frozen was successful was because of its unique sister relationship. Well not unique, there are relationships like that all around the world, but for some reason Hollywood had decided to ignore all of that and make sisters minor antagonists in pretty all of the films they exist in. 897 more words

Becoming Jane

Who Bought It? Megan!

Why? I had an unhealthy obsession with James McAvoy which started after I saw him in “The Chronicles of Narnia.” Being sexually attracted to a half-goat man is pretty heavy, so I grabbed this one knowing he would play a full human and probably say romantic things. 1,015 more words

DVD Purge

Review: Big Hero 6 (2015)

A young boy named Hiro joins forces with his brother’s inflatable care-giving robot, Baymax, to fight crime alongside a rag-tag group of young scientists in Disney’s latest blockbuster.

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TV Review: Murder in the First [Season 1]

Murder in the First is a ten episode American detective drama series that aired on FOX at 10pm on Friday evenings. According to BARB, seven of the first eight episodes placed in the channels top ten for their respective weeks, three times placing in the top four (figures for weeks nine and ten are not yet available). 597 more words


The Queen (2006)

Temperature: Warm

This is part of the life story of one of the most known queens in human history, with more than fifty years of her reign as the monarch of the United Kingdom Queen Elizabeth II have seen the times change. 489 more words


Inflatable Heroes - Big Hero 6 (2014)

Another winner from Disney.  So this is about a young boy, Hiro (Ryan Potter), developing a connection with his inflatable health robot, Baymax (Scott Adsit), and a number of other friends in what is essentially a superhero origins story.   420 more words


Demons and Dialogue (November 1st-11th 1985)

As previously said because of the sheer bulk of twilight zone episodes I’m doing a brief one lined review. Maybe stretch to two sentences purely because there is so much to get through and little time to write a more comprehensive article on each episode. 445 more words