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Review: Big Hero 6 (2015)

A young boy named Hiro joins forces with his brother’s inflatable care-giving robot, Baymax, to fight crime alongside a rag-tag group of young scientists in Disney’s latest blockbuster.

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TV Review: Murder in the First [Season 1]

Murder in the First is a ten episode American detective drama series that aired on FOX at 10pm on Friday evenings. According to BARB, seven of the first eight episodes placed in the channels top ten for their respective weeks, three times placing in the top four (figures for weeks nine and ten are not yet available). 597 more words


Inflatable Heroes - Big Hero 6 (2014)

Another winner from Disney.  So this is about a young boy, Hiro (Ryan Potter), developing a connection with his inflatable health robot, Baymax (Scott Adsit), and a number of other friends in what is essentially a superhero origins story.   420 more words


Demons and Dialogue (November 1st-11th 1985)

As previously said because of the sheer bulk of twilight zone episodes I’m doing a brief one lined review. Maybe stretch to two sentences purely because there is so much to get through and little time to write a more comprehensive article on each episode. 445 more words


Star Trek: The Next Generation – Birthright, Part II [6.17]

Worf finds himself a prisoner in a camp in which Klingons and Romulans have learned to live peacefully together, but only because the Klingons have given up their warrior ways.  970 more words

Star Trek Franchise

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Birthright, Part I [6.16]

Worf hears a rumor that his father, long-thought dead, is actually alive in a Romulan prison camp.  He finds his way there, but instead discovers that his father is dead and that the Klingons seem to be willing prisoners who turn Worf in to their captors.  1,260 more words

Star Trek Franchise

The Longest Yard

I’m going to regret writing/sharing this but I have to say it anyway. The Longest Yard is my favorite movie. Maybe it’s not as artful as The Fall or as well curated as Layer Cake or measure up even adequately in/to a whole slew of other cinematic categories but it makes me happy. 719 more words