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Christian Radio Ushers in Change from the Theological Virtue of ‘Charity’ to ‘Family’

Your Car Dashboard — The principle “lex radio, lex credendi,” loosely translated as “radio leads to theology,” has brought about a stunning development in Evangelical Christian theology for middle-class white women. 165 more words


A Lament: Evangelical Leaders and the Defense of Donald Trump

What can I say for you, to what compare you,
    O daughter of Jerusalem?
What can I liken to you, that I may comfort you,

2,525 more words

"If Any of You Are Without Sin ...": Trump and Evangelical Illiteracy

“If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw stone …”
John 8.7 (NIV)

Today, I’m going to comment on a classically misunderstood verse that isn’t even covered in… 1,242 more words

Right Texts Wrong Meanings

Questions linger as leaders disavow Trump

It’s only Tuesday, yet this week already ranks among the creepiest in US political history. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump did not hide in shame after the revelation of his vulgar comments in an… 382 more words

Confronting Christian Hypocrisy


It was funny when he entered the race, ridiculous when he got his first Evangelical endorsement, outrageous when they kept coming in, shocking when so-called Christian leaders (apply the so-called to either term) defended his vitriol while he was popular, and downright shameful when, over the last several hours as scores of prominent Republicans abandon any pretence of supporting him, the Christians stand by him. 1,837 more words


Trump's October Surprise

We should not have been surprised this would happen with Donald Trump. In case you have not heard, there are some tapes of him bragging about his sexual exploits, to the point that it sounds like he approves of rape. 264 more words