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Monday Morning Wisdom #8

“Old patterns will persist if serious effort is not made to change them.” –Dr. James Dobson


TERRIBLE PROSE TUESDAY: Overly inspirational

I’ve got some beef with Christian fiction.

I love C. S. Lewis and realize the great impact his Narnia novels had on Christian literature. The problem with Lewis’ work is that it inspired other Christians to write painfully obvious allegories that barely cover up the gospel message. 293 more words


Tonight (6/17) at RMCC: "Love for a Lifetime"

Please join us tonight (Wed. the 17th) at 6:15 pm for the 7th installment of Dr. James Dobson’s series: “Building a Family Legacy.” Childcare will be provided.  50 more words

Building A Family Legacy

bisexuality and purity culture

I’m going to my first-ever Pride event this weekend, so I’ve been paying a little more attention to the things people have been saying about bisexuality recently. 975 more words


Tonight at 6:15 pm: "Dare to Discipline"

Tonight (6/10) we will be showing “Dare to Discipline” of the “Building a Family Legacy” series.  “”In this hour-long film, Dr. Dobson encourages parents to effectively dispense conviction and courage in an environment of pure love. 35 more words

Building A Family Legacy

De-Wimpifying Dads and Recapturing a Vision of True Manhood

We live during a modern era that has systematically “wimpified” what it means to be a man.  If we continue down the road we’re currently on, the total collapse of the family, as we’ve known it for thousands of years, will follow. 

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Tonight: "Straight Talk To Men"

If possible, we would like to limit this event to men only so we can have the freedom to privately talk about any issues that might be affecting us in light of the video.   56 more words

Building A Family Legacy