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💥🔥FRIDAY RANT💥🔥 IF You’re someone who feels the need to post your RELATIONSHIP BREAKUP STATUS to the world then you need to listen to this one…..Also please CUT THE SHIT! 😜🤪

Please Tell Me You're Kidding

According to James Dobson, Roy Moore Is a “Man of Proven Character and Integrity”. No, this is not a damned joke:

… I’m asking my friends in Alabama to elect Judge Roy Moore to the United States Senate.

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What Is This I Don't Even

You Will Not Replace Us

Americans and their relationship with God (religion) is kinda like that between parents and teenagers. Americans, qua Americans only on account of their Constitution, know better than others that it was drawn up with emphasis on keeping the two separate, one out of the other. 848 more words

Critical Analysis

Finding Freedom from Focus on the Family’s ‘Gospel of Exclusion’

Rob and I raised our kids on “Adventures in Odyssey,” produced by Focus on the Family. We measured our road trips by them: “Just five more Odysseys until we get there, kids!” The madcap misadventures, framed in Mr. 456 more words

Homosexuality And The Bible

Maybe God Misses You

James Dobson said something to my mother heart when my kids were very young that haunted me since. He said, “At some point, a boy begins to push away from his mother.” He was talking about bringing up boys, and I was mostly resentful (then) of his wisdom because I faced the daunting task of raising a son on my own, and Dr. 990 more words

Lessons In Little Things

WTF, Nashville Statement

Read a summary of the Nashville Statement here

On Tuesday,  a group of conservative evangelicals known as the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood came together in Tennessee and wrote “The Nashville Statement.” 309 more words