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Book Review: The New Dare to Discipline, Chapter 1

I love Goodwill. Like, I really genuinely love thrift stores, and we have a Goodwill about thirty seconds from our apartment. My wife convinced me to go this morning, and I bought about seven books. 867 more words


The American Taliban Has Arrived

Let’s hope we can end it, before it ends us

✎  Wayne K. Spear | February 6, 2018 • Politics


ICHAEL GERSON SAYS that the gag reflex of Trump-supporting Christian leaders is “ 741 more words


The Test of Friendship

In the silent-film era flick “The Flying Fleet”,  aspiring naval aviators Tommy and Steve are comrades.  They are part of a tight group of six cadets at the US Naval Academy. 1,436 more words


💥🔥FRIDAY RANT💥🔥 IF You’re someone who feels the need to post your RELATIONSHIP BREAKUP STATUS to the world then you need to listen to this one…..Also please CUT THE SHIT! 😜🤪

Court Evangelical James Dobson Calls for a Day of Prayer for Trump

Listen to court evangelical James Dobson speaking to a group called Intercessors for America:

Bill Clinton also had “many opponents.”  James Dobson was one of the most vocal of those opponents.  257 more words

Please Tell Me You're Kidding

According to James Dobson, Roy Moore Is a “Man of Proven Character and Integrity”. No, this is not a damned joke:

… I’m asking my friends in Alabama to elect Judge Roy Moore to the United States Senate.

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What Is This I Don't Even