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Because you like it or not, Sharknado is back! Sharknado 3 Oh Hell No!, the latest release of the Sharknado series, premieres this Wednesday at 8pm on Syfy and it looks like it could a social media storm, and in the ratings as well, whether you`ll watch it for curiosity, or because you`re a fan, I know that you`re expecting to throw everything but the kitchen sink oaths one, so have your twitter accounts ready. 147 more words


The Miracle Worker

An homage to Captain/Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott aka James Doohan

“I dannae is she can take any more, Captain!” Scotty

The Miracle Worker

The ship is his baby… 51 more words



July 20 in history:

July 20th of 1921 was the first day of regular air mail service between New York and San Francisco.

On this day in 1976, 168 more words

Today In History

Jimmy Doohan's 95th Birthday

Following on our recent loss of Leonard Nimoy, this year sadly marks the 10 year anniversary of the passing of James Doohan. Today would have marked James “Jimmy” Doohan’s 95th Birthday. 526 more words

Rest In Peace

Tales of Nostalgia: Live Long and Prosper, Leonard

By: Joe Lofranco

Leonard Nimoy died last Friday. I was more upset than I expected. Upset at his passing certainly, but there was something more. Nimoy was 83, he’d lived a long and prosperous life; it should have been no surprise to me. 1,210 more words


A Toast To Leonard Nimoy

With Leonard Nimoy passing away Friday (and being laid to rest today), the total of leads from the original Star Trek series who’ve died rises to three: 43 more words

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