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Jason of Star Command - Chapters 7 and 8

Not a lot happens in these two chapters, but in chapter seven, we learn that Dragos has a remote planetoid staffed by a guy who claims to be Captain Kidd along with a bunch of hologram people and sound effects of dinosaurs. 197 more words


Jason of Star Command - Chapters 5 and 6

More thrilling escapes and daring rescues in the next two chapters of Jason of Star Command, though our son is most taken by the cute robot W1K1 and was happiest when it was rescued from the enemy’s tractor beam. 120 more words


To Boldly Go Where No. . . .

Cue Shatner’s voice over. Done. Ready to bring up the music. (Maybe we can hear it already.) “. . . where no man has gone before.” (Yes, he really did say that. 641 more words

Just For Fun

Jason of Star Command - Chapters 3 and 4

Well, if you’re going to be running around a Death Sta– I mean, a Dragonship, you probably need to find a princess to rescue. … 192 more words


Star Trek The Animated Series Review

  • Series Title: Star Trek:  The Animated Series
  • Season:  The Complete Series
  • Date:  1973 – 1975
  • Episodes:  22
  • Discs:  4
  • Cast: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, James Doohan, George Takei, Nichelle Nichols, Majel Barrett…
  • 595 more words

Jason of Star Command - Chapters 1 and 2

Well, here’s something we never had to do before. Yesterday, we took our son to Nashville for his very first pro sports experience. I’d won two tickets to the Titans’ game against Houston, and we had a really great time, but we got back very late and the day wiped him out. 452 more words


Running Diary - Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)

Back in the summer, I was the loser of the Summer Movie League.  The winner, Greg, got to select a punishment movie that I had to watch and keep a running diary of my viewing experience.  2,434 more words