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Crook v Crook v Crooked Cop

Hardboiled noir fans: Bob Truluck delivers a lot more than promised in The Big Nothing. That’s no backhanded compliment.

The promise includes a vicious series of showdowns, a coterie of sadists and pervs, and a few well-intentioned rubes caught up in a game bigger than the pile they’re after. 446 more words


Perfidia ~ A Capsule Book Review

Perfidia ~ A Capsule Book Review by Allen Kopp

Writer James Ellroy is unapologetically politically un-correct. If you are offended by racial slurs and blunt sex talk, he is not the writer you should be reading. 918 more words

True Crime: An American Love Story with Real Life Noir

We live in an age of an unprecedented fascination with true crime. While I’m not obsessed, per se, I myself hold an interest in the macabre, listen to… 1,239 more words

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Art of first impressions? In design and life

Art of first impressions? In design and life

Blah blah blah blah blah?

0:25 So what the hell was that? Well, you don’t know because you couldn’t understand it. 2,663 more words


The city is absent & geography is destiny

Of the various maps of Los Angeles that I’ve referred to in my research, this is one of my favourites. It is taken from the LA County Sheriff’s Department… 375 more words

James Ellroy

L'ora dei gentiluomini - Don Winslow #DonWinslow

La corruzione, la violenza e l’omertà che si nascondono dietro l’amicizia cementata dalle onde: Don Winslow torna a raccontare la faccia oscura del surf e della California del Sud. 345 more words

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