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Le Dahlia noir de James Ellroy

Une histoire surprenante, riche en rebondissements.

Après un début assez long pour placer les personnages notamment Lee Blanchart et Bucky Bleichert, tous deux flics à LA et boxeurs, l’histoire démarre vraiment lors de la découverte du corps coupé en deux de Betty Short, éventrée. 220 more words


Quick Quotes—The Week In Publishing

“As we’ve found with movies and TV shows, the most popular books set in each state can be pretty surprising. For every obvious To Kill a Mockingbird, there’s the unexpected appearance of a lesser-known novel, like Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress in Maryland.”— 440 more words

Marketing murder, and other stories

Ok the title got your attention, but it’s true, crime can pay (fictionally speaking) when it comes to marketing. A few years ago I thought it would be a great idea to write a book. 542 more words


Dick Contino: The Soul of the LA Quartet

In his essay ‘Out of the Past’, James Ellroy describes how ‘Half-buried memories speak to me.’ A few of these ‘brief synaptic blips […] transmogrify into fiction.’ It was a faded memory of… 1,249 more words

100 American

Down On His Luck

Crime writer James Ellroy has come out with a new book of crime scene photos from 1953. The book is called, simply, LAPD ’53. The victim is one Jésus Fernández Muñoz, who, according to Ellroy’s description, was “a good guy down on his luck. 137 more words


The James Ellroy Reading Challenge – An Update

I am making my way through the James Ellroy books that I’ve not read yet – I promise this is true!

Blood’s a Rover took me a week to read and whilst not quite up there with the previous books in the American Tabloid trilogy it was still bloody excellent and proved a fitting end to it. 64 more words

A Review of James Ellroy's 'Perfidia'

“”Perfidia” (Spanish for “perfidy“, as in faithlessness, treachery or betrayal) is a song written by Alberto Domínguez (1911–1975), a Mexican composer and arranger born in the state of… 530 more words

Book Review