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Weekly Musing: In A World...Of Sequels...

Comes another one whether you asked for it or not. Back in February I waxed on about book trailers and my thoughts on them. My initial post contained a section of which trailers I watched that either worked for me or didn’t. 1,579 more words

Weekly Musings

The Lady With the Lamp, You Know She Understands*

We don’t see it as much these days, but there was a time when it wasn’t uncommon for a family to hire a live-in nurse if they had a relative who needed regular medical care. 956 more words

Agatha Christie



What is a good cop? One who joined the police force because he was unable to save his mother from being killed by an abusive husband, but who now uses violence not only against wife-beaters but whenever called for by his superior officers; be it to beat a confession out of a suspect or to discourage criminals from settling in town? 1,273 more words


Stephen King's Favorite Book

King listens to 18 audiobooks a year, he says. I listen to that many a month. My favorite ever audiobook is PURPLE CANE ROAD by this man.


"The Black Dahlia" by James Ellroy

The Black Dahlia
James Ellroy
Released September 2006 (Reissue)
358 Pages Total
Published by Warner Books

As ubiquitous as the Zodiac, this case has puzzled detectives and crime buffs alike since 1947.

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Perfidia - James Ellroy

To you, my heart cries out Perfidia
For I found you, the love my life
In somebody else’s arms

When it comes to most media, I always prefer to work through a series through chronological order, starting with the first entry and working my way from there.

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Review - Black Dahlia HC (BOOM! Studios)

Story: Matz and David Fincher (from James Ellroy’s book)
Art: Miles Hyman
Release Date: 8th June 2016 524 more words

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