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The Black Dahlia by James Ellroy (2006)

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I solemnly read the last line of the book I am holding, then close it and put it on the desk next to my bed. 789 more words

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the reading library continues to grow with art crime comics fiction and zines and with every visitor i ask that he or she make a selection and settle into the reading corner


The Ghosts of Belfast, by Stuart Neville / ****

There’s a lot of things that can draw you into a book. Sometimes it’s the author; sometimes it’s the plot description; sometimes, it’s something as simple as an intriguing cover or title that draws you in. 725 more words

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The Black Dahlia is still blooming.

Man, I’ve been doing a lot of reviews of movies/books with dead girls in them.

But that’s okay, because they are thought-provoking. I think that this is an issue that’s steadily on the rise, as fetishes and sexual perversions are blurred with art and self-expression; as we move into a permanent, instant-information culture shaded with the comfort of anonymity, sexual fantasies are playing themselves out in interesting, possibly frightening, trends. 602 more words

1001 Books.

The Black Dahlia - James Ellroy

I guess the story of Black Dahlia is pretty well known, so I’ll skip the summary, for those interested here is the link to the source of all knowledge ;) 286 more words

Book Review

A Criminal Line Up

I must have read The Black Dahlia about four times, now and I still love it even though I’ve come to see its many flaws. Ellroy had such a knack for hard-boiled dialogue,¬†grotesque¬†characters and dark scenes that I find myself swept along each time I pick it up. 40 more words


Weekly Musing: In A World...Of Sequels...

Comes another one whether you asked for it or not. Back in February I waxed on about book trailers and my thoughts on them. My initial post contained a section of which trailers I watched that either worked for me or didn’t. 1,579 more words

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