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City of Tiny Lights: Review

There’s a moment in Pete Travis’ British Noir, City of Tiny Lights, in which Riz Ahmed’s chain-smoking, bourbon-drinking detetective returns to the scene of a murder he’s investigating, only to be told by a London copper that the place has been “Cillit-Banged”; a reference to a cleaning brand that’s fronted by cult ambassador, Barry Scott, which, intentional or not, is just one example of the laughable dialogue that drags down the otherwise decent thriller. 258 more words


The Good Karma Hospital, Episode Six ~ Review

The Good Karma Hospital has aired its season finale! I think it was one of the most beautifully filmed episodes in the entire series and had the previous episodes been of this quality, my earlier reviews might have been more favourable on the whole. 699 more words


The Good Karma Hospital, Episode 4 ~ Review

The Good Karma Hospital is still not floating my boat, I hope to be more positive about the show each week, but I’m not feeling any more attuned to it. 442 more words


The Good Karma Hospital, Episode Three ~ Review

The Good Karma Hospital is now halfway through its series and I am still slightly underwhelmed by it. I am getting to know the characters and feel that the way in which each storyline is wrapped up neatly (apart from the plots that belong to the main cast, of course) is quite an effective touch. 497 more words


The Good Karma Hospital, Episode Two ~ Review

I dutifully sat down to embrace episode two of the drama which did not hold my attention last week. Has the second instalment swayed me? The answer is that the jury is still out, I remain unconvinced that this will hold a place in my heart in quite the same way as Home Fires has (and it continues to take that prime spot). 479 more words


Preview: The Good Karma Hospital

Every once in a while, something broadcasts on one of the mainstream channels that you never knew you needed to see. That you never knew could work. 727 more words


CITY OF TINY LIGHTS (2016): New Trailer From Riz Ahmed, Billie Piper, Cush Jumbo...

In City Of Tiny Lights, the city is modern-day London and Riz Ahmed is a Private Eye on a missing persons case that is far from straight forward.  65 more words