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Bright Shiny Morning (2008) - James Frey


Title: Bright Shiny Morning

Author: James Frey

Date published: 2008

Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

James Frey is one of those writers that you never forget. 876 more words


A Million Little Pieces (Book) - Raz Rix Review

This is a long overdue review on James Frey’s ‘A Million Little Pieces’.

The story begins with James Frey as he leaves the streets as a drug addict and alcoholic, and follows him with his journey through recovery. 225 more words

Paper Cut Outs

How To Become A Scandal

Adventures in Bad Behavior

By Laura Kipnis
All Posts Contain Spoilers

I love mean people.

I mention that only because I try, before I talk about a book, to give all relevant disclaimers, to announce any prejudices which may skew my otherwise pristine critical faculties. 1,438 more words


Review of United as One: Lorien Legacies #7 - Pittacus Lore

From the bestselling author of I Am Number Four, United As One is the final, hugely thrilling novel in the utterly gripping Lorien Legacies series by Pittacus Lore . 607 more words


Newsnight's Tower of Westminster wins first Bad Idea Award

The Leaders We Deserve Bad Idea Award goes to the BBC’s Newsnight programme and its Tower of Westminster representation of the current BREXIT situation.

This week, the annual much-prized bad sex award was won by the novelist James Frey ( 708 more words

James Frey scoops Bad Sex in Fiction award

US author James Frey has been named the winner of the 2018 Bad Sex in Fiction Award for his novel Katerina.

The judges at the Literary Review said they had been swayed by several sex scenes in the novel, which include encounters in a car park and in the back of a taxi, but were especially convinced by an extended scene in a Paris bathroom between Jay and Katerina that features eight references to ejaculate. 407 more words


Famous Literary Scandals

Last night, while scrolling through Jezebel on my phone, I came across a story hot off the digital presses that immediately sparked my interest: a young poet named Ailey O’Toole, nominated for a Pushcart award (never heard of it, but it’s apparently quite an honor in small press poetry circles), was discovered to have plagiarized a good section of her work from several other poets, including an understandably pissed-off poet named Rachel McKibbens. 768 more words