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Scattered thoughts on revenge

Driving back from the northern cooler climes of Arizona, my husband and I saw three white people carrying signs outside a Walmart:

Rally for our police! 270 more words

Advice from your Golden Child

A major advantage and goal of getting to know your archetypal ‘parts of Self’ is that you can call upon various of your archetypal sub-selves to draw upon their specific perspectives and strengths of character. 389 more words

BE2: Tuesday Life Paths Tools

Last night's listening and some grumpiness...James Hillman, Bill Plotkin and our preference for virtual reality

Who LOVED Pathfinder bookshop?

I actually just had to google it, to make sure it didn’t still exist, cos i want it to so badly, in the physical form i mean. 1,000 more words

Wellness & Happiness

The Clean-Sports Movement and Performance-Enhancing Drugs: A Mythological Perspective (re-blogged)

“Revealed: sport’s dirtiest secret; Third of medals won by athletes with suspicious blood tests.” So read a Sunday Times (London) headline on August 2, 2015. 190 more words

Soul and Spirit

For a long time, the word soul didn’t mean much to me. The usage in the generic context (e.g. “this movie warms the soul”) was too watered down and unclear, too new-agey. 487 more words

James Hillman

The boy who wanted to be a Jew

Julius Lester writes in his book Lovesong: Becoming a Jew that as a young black boy growing up in the American South his favorite piece to play on the piano was… 870 more words

Book Reviews

Found some quicksilver...

Stumbling along today I found some quicksilver.  A little Jung and a little Hillman and a little alchemical reaction….

The Book of Cratès


The Esoteric Heart Beat...