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Bernie Neville and Tim Dalmau uncover the archetypal patterns in organizational culture

Olympus Inc. 

BERNIE NEVILLE: Sometimes you can say that a book changed your life. It happened to me in 1976 when I read James Hillman… 2,055 more words


What the Eyes Want

So I have once again been binge-watching Xena: Warrior Princess (XWP) on Netflix. Now I understand why I binge-watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer (BtVS); it is a fairly aesthetically complete show, the writers quickly came to write with a consistent voice (Joss Whedon’s), and they were always, always true to the characters (no mysterious evil babies, unless you count Dawn Summers, as many people do). 857 more words


Quote of the day: BOOKS


Books can be mentors, even providing a moment of initiation. R.D. Laing, writer, philosopher, and revolutionary psychiatrist, tells of this discovery in a small public library, while he was still an adolescent in the 1940s. 183 more words

Quote Of The Day

Your Life is An Epic Journey


You are a mystic life adventurer! But you know that, right? This month we will explore the Life Metaphor Life is an Epic Adventure, with the archetype of Mystic as our ally and guide. 331 more words

Life Mapping

Writing With Dream Fragments

I’m a night person (although I’m a morning writer) and I enjoy being up after the world has slowed and the business of the day has ended. 373 more words

The Poet In The World

Poetry and Perception

My poems reflect my continuing interest in perception and how we try to capture fleeting moments with language. I think the art that comes closest to what I’m trying to do in poetry is photography—the exploration of things in the world (and in ourselves) from various angles. 211 more words