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During moments of awareness in which a translation into language has not yet happened, I recognize perhaps a truer, more immediate experience of my animal nature. 1,085 more words

James Hillman

The Story You Came to Tell

Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple, which won both the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award in 1982, grew up the daughter of sharecroppers. 155 more words


Archai Journal Panel: Issue 5

At the panel event celebrating the publication of Issue 5 of the Archai journal, each of the issue’s contributing authors spoke, introducing their articles and discussing the discipline of archetypal cosmology. 23 more words


The re-enchantment of psychology: or, why we are not imagining myth, but myth is imagining us

My psychology studies didn’t begin well. In the first lecture I ever attended, a sardonic disbeliever-in-everything thoroughly and mockingly debunked the idea of hypnosis, demonstrating how to fake the Human Plank Feat to a lecture theatre full of mesmerized (sorry) students who were already beginning to wonder what on earth they’d let themselves in for. 1,054 more words

Re-Visioning Saturn

Here psychology is conceived as a necessary activity of the psyche, which constructs vessels and breaks them in order to deepen and intensify experience. -James Hillman…

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Archetypal Astrology

Scattered thoughts on revenge

Driving back from the northern cooler climes of Arizona, my husband and I saw three white people carrying signs outside a Walmart:

Rally for our police! 270 more words

Advice from your Golden Child

A major advantage and goal of getting to know your archetypal ‘parts of Self’ is that you can call upon various of your archetypal sub-selves to draw upon their specific perspectives and strengths of character. 389 more words

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