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With loving attention, life is destined to be glorious!

“You don’t know what you’re going to get into when you follow your bliss.”

James Hillman

Be present to the bliss that surrounds you! Delight in the moment! 206 more words


Tsimtsum and the coming into being of the other

Henri Nouwen, in The Wounder Healer, quotes James Hillman, who talks about the Jewish mystical doctrine of Tsimtsum, noting that

God as omnipresent and omnipotent was everywhere.

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Mentoring creativity!

“Mentoring begins when your imagination can fall in love with the fantasy of another.”

James Hillman

There are so many doors to discover a soul, which one will you open today. 266 more words


Meeting the Shadow and other books that move me

A few Friday’s ago I FBed a googled definition of projection.
The kind of projection that doesn’t involve light but involves the psyche.

I have been interested in facing ‘my monster’ probably since Olivia Nagorcka lent me “You can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay, at the end of 7th form. 903 more words

Wellness & Happiness

Imaginal Love

[Although I never planned to take this long of a break from WordPress, I have been finding it difficult to make time for writing and reading here. 1,134 more words

James Hillman

The Atheist's Soul

My book club is like an extended family. We have been going long enough that we have already seen three of our number pass away, one from suicide, one from illness and one from not-so-old-age. 613 more words


Say Yes to Your Weirdness

We tend to suppress certain aspects of ourselves in order to fit in. (Although when we display whatever weirdness is ‘in” I that’s also a sort of conformity too.) 627 more words