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A change coming

I’ve been enjoying the recording of a discussion at a conference with James Hillman and Michael Meade on literal, psychological, and mythological modes of understanding. 810 more words


Your Place, Memory, Daimon & Work

What’s Your Place? Such a simple question. . . If you look deep enough into it, discoveries about yourself erupt, surprisingly. What’s Your Place… 1,587 more words

What an Ancient Greek Monument Can Teach Us About the Self

My last post proposed that the unconscious is not a separate space “inside” us but a psychological way of looking at the world. Anything we encounter can become our unconscious if we look at it soulfully.  609 more words

Everlasting Concrescence: A Process-Relational Cosmology

My essay on Alfred North Whitehead’s process philosophy and its intersections with archetypal cosmology has now been published in Issue 6 of Archai: The Journal of Archetypal Cosmology… 179 more words


How’s Your Aging Self? Part II:  What I’m Learning through My Autodidactic Studies on Aging

Since I turned 60 four years ago, I have been studying what it means to grow old from philosophical, psychological, sociological, and spiritual perspectives.

Thanks to Kindle, I have developed a substantial personal library on aging.  1,830 more words