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Joyce and the Meanings of Translation

At 5pm on Tuesday 30 May 2017, Scarlett Brown will be giving a free lecture on James Joyce at the University of Reading. The lecture will connect to her broader interest in modernist and postmodernist literature in English and French: 83 more words


Finnegans Wake : 100 Pages to Go

Another minor milestone: I’m up to page 440 of Finnegans Wake, struggling to reach the end on page 540 (actually the end of Finnegans Wake… 60 more words


Books, Baguettes & Bedbugs. The Left Bank World of Shakespeare & Co., by Jeremy Mercer

For any visitor to Paris of a bookish inclination, a visit to Shakespeare And Company to purchase at least one book is an absolute must. My proud possession is my much-loved copy of the hilarious poetry anthology… 1,043 more words

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“Grant and I” - Some Notes on Reading

Biography for biography enthusiasts

Reading Robert Forster’s memoir “Grant and I” was an insightful experience for myself. Oddly I found a circle around ‘biography’ in reading a biographical work from a man who has a fascination with biographical works. 926 more words

A Critical Lyric Essay On Postmodern Ontology From A Garrotted Pseudo-Intellectual

Vote Mr. Robinson for a Better World is a novel I have not read. Apparently, it includes the protagonist’s wife slowly beginning to think she is a fish, and opens with the mayor of a town being drawn and quartered by cars…or trucks (again, haven’t read, not sure on specifics). 1,521 more words

Prophetic artists: How deep a work of art can be?

In the 1969 documentary entitled BBC Civilization, Kenneth Clark used the following words  to describe one of the paintings by Michelangelo on the Sistine Chapel Ceiling. 947 more words

Bài dự thi Unleash Your Creativity With Ireland 2017

Dear Friends, 

Ireland has been always my dream, the travelling aspiration especially with my beloved one. The scene, the air, the challenging peaks, the culture. Everything of Ireland drives me to take any chance and try my best to reach it, and land on it. 678 more words