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drowner of daggers

Shall we follow each others a steplonger, drowner of daggers, whiles our liege, tilyet a stranger in the frontyard of his happiness, is taking (heal helper! 16 more words


shares in the groom

Hail! Hail! Highbosomheaving Missmisstress Morna of the allsweetheartening bridemuredemeanour! Her eye’s so gladsome we’ll all take shares in the groom!

James Joyce, Finnegans Wake


brune this bird

Brawn is my name and broad is my nature and I’ve breit on my brow and all’s right with every feature and I’ll brune this bird or Brown Bess’s bung’s gone bandy. 13 more words


First Lines Friday: 3rd July

The concept behind First Lines Fridays is to take risks with reading, and not judge a book by its cover.  Have you ever picked up a book and been drawn in from that very first line?   283 more words


To Ireland!

Top o’ the mornin to ya!

Live from American Airlines Flight #92, en route to Dublin, Ireland! This is the beginning of my Irish immersion; soon I will be cartwheeling through the moist rolling fields of the little island that is Ireland. 322 more words

Writer's Workshop Ireland

The Greatest Reader in the World, Poem #2

Late in 1995, I had an opportunity to attend a poetry reading by 1992 Nobel winner Derek Walcott at Idaho State University in Pocatello, Idaho. Up until that time I had never taken much notice of his work, but when fellow English teacher and head of the English department at Preston High School (yes, Napoleon Dynamite’s high school) placed an announcement of his event on my desk then stood at my threshold awaiting my response, I enthusiastically gave her a wide… 772 more words

Dramatic adaptations of James Joyce's 'Dubliners' in 1960s Belfast

Scholars of James Joyce (one of which I am assuredly not) may be interested in a chance discovery in the archival collections of the National University of Ireland Galway. 296 more words