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Song in Finnegans Wake

Program for a concert held in Clothworkers’ Concert Hall, University of Leeds as part of a symposium on Finnegans Wake, on the 15th of July, 1987.

James Joyce

palliate a licence

The news was imparted with a circumspection recalling the ceremonial usage of the Sublime Porte by the second female infirmarian to the junior medical officer in residence, who in his turn announced to the delegation that an heir had been born. 87 more words


A Quark for Muster Mark with a Side Order of Wavy Gravy...

Scientists have come up with a new name for the recently discovered gravitational waves that Einstein theorized more than a hundred years ago: Wavy Gravy. So far there has been no word from Hugh Romney on the subject…

a frigid genius

Accordingly he broke his mind to his neighbour, saying that, to express his notion of the thing, his opinion (who ought not perchance to express one) was that one must have a cold constitution and a frigid genius not to be rejoiced by this freshest news of the fruition of her confinement since she had been in such pain through no fault of hers.

James Joyce, Ulysses


Three Day Quote Challenge: Day 3.

So much for three consecutive days. I was supposed to post this quote yesterday, but when inspiration simply isn’t kicking in, you just can’t force it. 341 more words

My Thoughts.

The Rising Of The Moon - Ep. 19

The Rising Of The Moon episode 19 -Stained With Gore

Yes, how strange that an agent of the crown would know so well a song of resistance and revolution… 7 more words

James Joyce

Restoring Russell

Below is information for this year’s James Spencer Russell restoration project and exhibition.  While a portion of this information is redundant for many of our regular readers, we are providing these details for those that are new to the story of rediscovering the life and art of James Spencer Russell and for those in the media that will be covering this story and exhibition. 654 more words

James Russell