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Off with the Odd and on with the new.

BS Johnson

you past fiery elephant, you


grave-yard, you

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you were my first

dead cert

third rate

box inserting

Joycean echo or, more like, 210 more words

Beyond Good and Evil.... To Life!

Of course Norah was the model for Molly, but as I said in my last video on episode seven, probably the model as well for the younger Cissy Caffrey. 177 more words


“Life is too short to read a bad book.“

“Life is too short to read a bad book.“

— James Joyce, Irish, writer


Book of da Week: Dubliners by James Joyce

James Joyce (1882 – 1941) was an Irish writer most famous for his borderline incomprehensible Ulysses project, which features a stream of consciousness stye of rambling. 516 more words


An Incǎntr, bî Jemz Jôs

It wz Jo Diḷn hu intṛdyst ɖ Wîld Wst t s. H hd a litl lîbrri md p v old numbrz v Ɖ Yńn Jac… 3,527 more words

Spelling Reform

Ɖ Sistrz, bî Jemz Jôs


r wz no hop fr him ɖs tîm: it wz ɖ ʈrd stroc. Nît aftr nît I hd pást ɖ hǎs (it wz vceśntîm) n studid ɖ lîtd sqer v windo: n nît aftr nît I hd faund it lîtd in ɖ sem we, fentli n īvnli. 3,291 more words

Spelling Reform

Dubliners - An Ode To James in a lighthearted & totally unrelated manner

If you’re a fan of James Joyce and his works, like most 20 something-year-old girls, you’ll know that the fecker built a successful career off giving all his characters in… 649 more words